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Nosh EMR Software

Nosh EMR software  (New Open Source Health) ChartingSystem is an electronic medical record (EMR) developed for ambulatory treatment centers. The software’s major goal is to give healthcare practitioners inexpensive access to intuitive, contemporary, and rapid electronic health records. A client portal, appointment booking with notifications, and secure messaging are all available through Nosh. It offers a large number of templates, digital forms, computerized order input, practice management tools, graphing, patient-education document production notifications, and novel tagging services to its customers.

NOSH ChartingSystem is made up of high-quality software components that have been utilized by the world’s largest, most reliable, and most trustworthy internet service providers, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. It may be deployed on a number of server platforms, however, because of security and maintenance costs, Linux is preferred. The server might be a stand-alone computer or a cloud-based service. In this piece, we are going to discuss the top alternatives of Nosh EMR as per Nosh EMR reviews. However, if you are interested in knowing Nosh EMR cost or anything about the software, please schedule a Nosh EMR demo.

Top Alternatives of Nosh EMR


WebPT is the largest rehab treatment platform for boosting patient care and supporting company growth, with over 66,000 members at 8500 clinics. WebPT is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution that is ideal for outpatient companies of all sizes. It makes the shift from paper and antiquated software to a user-friendly, cloud-based solution simple for therapy professionals. Therapists, directors, owners, billers, and front-office personnel may access patients’ medical records from any web-enabled device with WebPT.

WebPT’s web-based application eliminates the need for big, upfront expenditures, expensive IT maintenance, and cumbersome in-office servers. It allows you to manage patient papers and progress, as well as clinic scheduling, analytics reports, and invoicing, all in one place. WebPT features an easy-to-use workflow that allows therapists to write compliant and uniform documentation quickly.

WebPT’s outcomes monitoring software also allows therapists to assess and track patient improvement. Finally, WebPT’s billing solutions, which include the WebPT Billing Service and connections with a number of approved billing partners, ensure that clinics obtain dependable, correct claims submission and processing, as well as quick, optimum reimbursements. WebPT provides rehab therapists with a contemporary, intuitive system that is well-suited to their requirements, encouraging them to be more productive in their work—and, more significantly, allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time with their clients.


Kareo provide the only cloud-based clinical and business management technology platform specialized to independent practices’ specific needs. Our platform enables you to identify and communicate with patients, manage a more efficient company, deliver better treatment, and get paid more quickly.

It’s simple to use and has been proved effective by the over 75,000 clinicians who trust it with their small practices. Kareo is purpose-designed for the workflows and specialized demands of independent practices, unlike other firms that created their offerings for major medical groups or institutions.


Take advantage of convenience and security without putting your safety at risk. With a full cloud suite of professional and virtual care tools, you can work remotely, see patients, and stay connected.

AdvancedMD EHR has been the only medical office software designed entirely on the cloud since 1999. The firm is pleased to make its whole suite of applications and data storage available through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AdvancedMD and AWS, when used together, provide an unrivaled experience with instant, dependable access to all of your data, constant data security, and streamlined storage with automated backup. No other outpatient software solution provides this level of hosting, making it as simple and cost-effective as possible to start or develop your practice in the cloud.

Praxis EMR

Infor*Med is a software company situated in the United States that sells a package of programs called Praxis EMR. It was established in 1989. Training is available through manuals, seminars, live online workshops, and in-person meetings in Praxis EMR. The Praxis EMR solution bundle is available as a SaaS solution for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Praxis EMR provides virtual, opening times, and live help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A free trial of Praxis EMR is available.

Appointment administration, documenting, E-Prescribing, E/M grading, handwriting identification, HIPAA compliant, meaningful use approved, ONC-ATCB accredited, client portal, voice control, compliance tracking, and self-service portal are all included in the Praxis EMR software. The software starts at $259.00 per month. PCIS Gold, DocuTAP Revenue Cycle Management, and NortecEHR are some of the software competitors to Praxis EMR.


iSalus Healthcare is a cloud-based system that provides a fully integrated EHR, Practice Management, and billing services solution. iSalus used to provide a free option of their EHR, but their price and product packaging choices have changed as the firm has grown. They were offering two package options with various monthly pricing points that included the EHR, Practice Management, and invoicing services in an all-in-one solution back when “Pricing” was mentioned on their main navigation bar.

Pricing at iSalus is not as straightforward as it formerly was, and you must fill out a form for a free demo in order to obtain details. iSalus allows customization and customization for your small to mid-sized specialty practice with over 2,000 templates. You may receive a certain number of customization hours based on your package plan to match your demands and workflows. Then there’s an hourly price for anything after that.

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for a Nosh EMR Software alternative, make sure you check our list out. Make sure whichever software you choose to invest in, please schedue a demo for that beforehand. You could also go through its online reviews to see current customers feedback!

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