Over the Counter Treatment – For erectile dysfunction

The daily dosage can be raised to 20mg after four weeks, and it can be taken as needed during the day. Cialis’ impact can last up to 36 hours, according to scientific investigations. Some men are recommended a 50mg dosage, which is frequently decreased to 25mg if the 25mg fails to work. It is available in dosages of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg, with the 50mg dose being the most potent and requiring a doctor’s prescription. Because even little amounts of alcohol might make you sleepy, don’t drink while taking Cialis.

We can’t blame men who have erectile dysfunction for not wanting to talk about it. It’s one of the reasons why online pharmacy and telemedicine companies like Rex MD have received such a warm welcome. Instead of going to the doctor, men may get prescription drugs for a range of men’s health conditions from the convenience of their own homes.

Some males, on the other hand, go for over-the-counter ED treatments. Unfortunately, the evidence behind many OTC ED medications is poor, and when it comes to natural erectile dysfunction therapies, making lifestyle changes is your best bet.

Medicines made to help in erection

Cenforce 100 is a medication that makes penile erections stronger and creates erection in an easy way. This is a drug that will help you in inducing erection in a better way and restore normalcy to your sexual life.

You can take the tablets, but only on the advice of a doctor, who can help you figure out and determine the proper amount.

Typically, the tablets have an effect for 4-6 hours, during which time you can have greater penile erections at any moment. This is a recovery tablet that is only utilised for a short period of time after taking the pills. Fildena 100 is a medicine that comes in the form of jelly. The Jellies are very simple, easy, and convenient for consumption. It can be swallowed easily with an empty stomach or after a meal. This is usually used for treating Erectile Dysfunction. It is not recommended for women. If you take an intake of medicine containing O-Nitrates then you should not take it for long. Before taking these medicines make sure to tell your doctor about your past health issues to get the right advice. As the chances of side effects increase if you are suffering from heart or liver problems. Vidalista 20 is one preferable medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It maintains its hardness and remains for a long time.

after having the pills one can have pleasurable sex without any ED disorder.

Vidalista includes PDE-5 which increases the flow of blood towards the penis and helps in erection for a long time.

Vidalista can even have side effects, so before changing the number of dosages consult your specialist.

Fildena 100 mg is a powerful and effective sexual pill that increases erectile function and male abilities. The greatest approach to treating erectile dysfunction and enjoying sex without fear of failing is to use high-dose versions. Fildena Extra Power 100 is a high-dose ED drug that helps men sustain an erection for an extended period of time.

These tablets are highly used for helping people with erectile dysfunction. It is termed to be powerful and effective for sexual intercourse is advised that Fildena 100 should only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. Golden 100 has even received various positive reviews from users.

How can you tell if your ED is mental or physical?

It’s a sign of regular physiological erectile function if you have erections when you’re sleeping. If this is the case, your ED might be caused by anything emotional or mental rather than something physical.

Consider doing an erection self-test if you’re not sure if you’re having erections at night. It might assist you to figure out if you have a physical or mental ED.

If you are allergic to any kind of medicine do consult your doctor for the same.

Tell your doctor about your health history for proper guidance.

Don’t take medications that seek the advice of a doctor.

Avoid overdose or missed dose.


It’s vital to understand that everyone’s refractory time is different. You could even notice that your refractory period differs from one session to the next.

It all boils down to a few distinct things. You can alter some of them, such as your alcohol consumption and general nutrition. You can’t in some cases, such as chronic diseases and advanced age.

Consult a sex therapist or a physician who specializes in human sexuality if you’re concerned about how long it takes you to attain or recover from orgasm.

They can answer all of your questions and, if necessary, diagnose and treat any underlying illnesses.While more extensive research on the refractory period and ED drugs are still needed, several studies indicate promise in terms of reducing the refractory period in males. Furthermore, because of the way these drugs work, a man may be exposed to increased blood flow to the region for a longer amount of time. Every person’s refractory period is unique, and several things influence it, including medical issues, physical health, age, and level of excitement.

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