Everything you Should Know About Casino Bonuses

Bonuses or extra money are always heavenly. Online casinos give it all that one might want while gambling: some free spins or bets, some free money. Play the latest games at Yukon bacause bonuses keep you motivated and act as rewards for your long-term association with the gaming service

Opening Remarks

Online Casinos have a plethora of good things to offer for a phenomenal gambling experience. Online Casinos have different bonuses to offer, and not all are the same. But before grabbing on these drooling offers, one should understand how online Casino Bonus works. Not everything that shines has to be gold, after all.

Like comparing the products and their value at various online platforms before buying one, comparing bonuses is also a thing on your list.

Why do Casinos offer Bonuses?

Casino Global was surveyed to understand the criteria for choosing an online casino. They found that “59% of the people said that casino bonus is one of the major factors, 70% responded with free bets, and 60% chose promotions and special offers.

Online casinos which don’t provide appealing bonuses fail to attract customers. That being the case, most casinos offer lucrative bonuses to acquire more players. While the customer might think of the casino bonus as free money, it’s more rewarding for casinos.

There’s always some deposit required from the customer’s side to realize the real-time benefits of the casino bonus. Moreover, when customers get “free money,” they are less likely to look for further options.


Winning will lure them into spending more time and money with the casino. But, if they lose, it won’t hurt the casinos’ profits.

Types of Casino Bonuses


Amongst the various bonuses offered, here are a few of the common ones:

  • Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, these bonuses require that you first deposit your own money. Once it’s done, you get the welcome bonus to your account. This bonus is a Match Bonus. It’s often given based on money that the customer puts in from their side. Say, if you get a 50% deposit bonus that means for every $100.00 you deposit, an extra $50.00 will be added as a bonus to your account.

These bonuses are often associated with wagering requirements. Therefore, you should meet the needs before attempting to withdraw the winnings.

  • No Deposit Bonus

Again, as the name suggests, this requires no deposit of the customer’s own money. You’ll get a No Deposit bonus upon creating an online casino account. You can directly get it credited to your player account or redeem it via an email or some codes or coupons. No deposit bonuses are the most challenging type to cash out. These are relatively smaller in amount and often given away as small cash bonuses or free bets or spins.

The most recent type of no deposit bonus is one-time free play. It’ll have some time frame associated with it. At the end of the time frame, players can withdraw either the entire winnings or a part of it as per the maximum withdrawal restrictions of the casino. The player might have to wager some money before cashing out the earnings.

  • Promotional Bonus

Some casino bonuses are offered as part of special promotions on online casino websites, say on some occasions, holidays, or birthdays.

  • Loyalty Bonus

The casinos can offer loyalty bonuses to their players for their extended stays or their wagering activities. Every casino has its offers. Some offer when the players have reached a certain status at the casino. Some casinos offer bonuses for the wagering activities of the players. There are some token conditions to be fulfilled to be eligible for loyalty bonuses.

  • Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus is the most popular casino bonus, which is rewarded for introducing your friends to the casino. The awards and the eligibility to get awarded a referral bonus varies from casino to casino.

Some credit the bonus to your account once your buddy registers. Some credit once your referral makes some initial deposit. The rewards often get better with the more people you bring to the casino.

  • Cashback Bonus

Casinos are getting more and more constructive with the bonuses. Cashback is honored in the form of bonus money to the players to compensate for their losses. In addition, the casinos give back some percentage of the players’ accrued losses. It can be deposited in the player’s account or given back as a credit note, allowing them to play without depositing money.

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

One should always understand the underlying terms and conditions and follow the guidelines while opting to earn a casino bonus:

  1. Eligibility: Some bonuses are eligible only in certain countries. They vary in amounts as per the currency.
  2. Keep it accurate: Avoid using VPNs for earning multiple bonuses or creating multiple accounts. There is a risk of legal action that authorities can take against you. It would help to verify your identity by sending in the necessary documents.
  3. Wagering requirements: To be eligible to cash in the casino bonus, players should meet specific needs.
  4. Limits on Withdrawal: Some casino bonuses have the maximum withdrawal limit attached. The casino website will nullify anything above the limits.

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