Quick and Easy Guide to Labor and Employment Law

A group wrote the Arizona overtime lawyers with a lot of experience in this area. It tells employees their rights and how they can get paid for extra hours worked. If you are still determining if your employer is breaking the law, a Phoenix employment lawyer is an excellent person to talk to. 

Help from an Arizona lawyer who works extra hours

You should talk to an Arizona overtime lawyer if you work extra hours and aren’t paid enough. Many workers need overtime pay to care for their families, but many employers try to take advantage of workers by denying them their right to overtime pay. 

Non-exempt Employees Get Extra Pay

Overtime lawyers in Arizona can help you determine what the law says about overtime pay and your rights. Arizona doesn’t have overtime rules, but it follows federal regulations. 

The employees have a benefit.

Different states have different rules about Arizona overtime lawyers, but generally, workers have the right to more money if their employers don’t give it to them. It is illegal in Arizona to do this, and you could be sued if you do it.


Everyone’s rights and responsibilities are taken into account by the law. So, if you are an employee and aren’t getting paid, which is a basic right, you should talk to your boss about it. People sometimes need to remember to pay even though they meant to. But if someone deliberately doesn’t pay you, you should ask the law for help.

Keeping track of all of an employee’s overtime work

You have to be tracked no matter how long you’ve been working for the company or if you just started. The record should show the hours of your regular shift and the extra hours you perform daily. Even if you only worked spare time for a short time, it should be added to the time tracker.


The legal way takes longer, but both sides are being watched the whole time. It’s important to know what people are trying to do and what steps have already been taken to ensure no one gets hurt. So, it would help if you said what you want in clear, specific terms. 


Most of the time, they go to the Labor Department. As soon as the DOL is accepted, the trial will begin. In other situations, however, the investigation begins. Sometimes it can be hard to file the claims, so it’s best to ask a professional for help. Lawyers can help you through the process because it is hard to understand. 

After you decide what claims to make about the overtime work you’ve done, you should talk to the lawyer about what to do next. Because of this problem, you should change jobs or do something else. These Arizona overtime lawyers can tell you what to do. They better understand the law and can best back up your point of view.

Arizona Overtime Pay Laws

Exempt and not exempt are the two types. Whether or not an employer has to pay overtime to a worker who puts in extra hours depends on how the worker is classified. Employers often misclassify their workers, so they don’t have to pay them Arizona overtime lawyers



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