RDR2’s Hidden Secrets You Might Have Missed

As many of you are aware, Red Dead Redemption 2 is rife with secrets and easter eggs. Weapons, horses, and hidden missions are just a few examples of what you’ll encounter.

All the mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2 are waiting to be discovered in this expansive universe. All Rockstar Games have enormous open worlds full of great hidden treasures, and you’ll undoubtedly be rewarded for exploring them. Even while exploring a huge and varied area may be a lot of fun, what’s wrong with a little assistance to expedite the discovery? Surely, no adventurer would refuse to use a map. No? So, without further ado, here are 5 incredible discoveries you won’t want to miss.

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Take a Breathtaking Tour of the Aberdeen Pig Farm with a Friend

Near the boundary of Roanoke Ridge, Scarlett Meadows, and the Aberdeen pig farm are Scarlett Meadows and the Aberdeen pig farm. If you want to discover this objective, you’ll have to identify the area and then communicate with the people that live there, which might be a challenge.

As a result of several YouTube appearances, the Aberdeen pig farm may be considered one of the most well-known side objectives in the game. However, it may be tough to locate, and even if you do locate it, starting it might be a difficulty in and of itself. People may have seen and heard about the engagement on YouTube instead of going to the site to participate.

Spark a Discussion Hidden in the Criptid’s cave

Bigfoot and Sasquatch had appeared in the last Red Dead Redemption, so fans were disappointed when they were not mentioned in this one. The cryptid’s whereabouts have yet to be discovered, despite the fact that admirers believe they have located it.

The directions to discover Bigfoot’s cave may sound weird yet it works. On the lake, in Calumet Ravine you might expect to encounter a group of birds. Startle the birds then follow them cautiously across the mountains to a tunnel that will be sealed by stones. A thunderous voice will then tempt you to join in on an engaging discourse.

Meditate With The Mountain Monk

The location of this meditating monk is unlikely to have been discovered by someone who prefers to stay in a group rather than go exploring on their own. South of “R” in Grizzlies East, a monk lives on the top of a mountain making your way up the mountain is the actual struggle since it is tougher than you imagine. Having some horse reviver on hand in case your steed falls down the mountain is a good idea if you intend on riding.

On reaching the summit, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views and unusual sights: a serene monk sitting in meditation on the rocks. Your honor will be affected if you shoot the monk or push him down the cliff, exactly as it would be in real life!

Find Out What’s Really Going On in the Gunsmith’s Basement

This basement may be located at the Gunsmith in Rhodes, in the Lemoyne section of the map. Although the gunsmith’s actions were dishonorable, entering the basement will get you access to the Lancaster Repeater for free. You may also take ammo from the shop, although doing so will damage your reputation.

In order to get access to the Rhodes Gunsmith’s backroom activities, there are two options. If you chance to overhear a chat in the overworld or get a tip from someone you’ve rescued, those are two possibilities. However, one of the quickest methods is to stroll past the Gunsmith’s shop and view the guy from the basement window outside the west side of the Gunsmith’s shop towards the bottom/

In The Statues Cave, You Can Earn Rewards

This is one of Red Dead Redemption 2’s most intriguing mysteries. Staggeringly creepy-looking, the seven elongated statues all stared at a smaller, odd-looking one. You’ll be rewarded with gold bars if you take the time to answer this difficult problem!

There is a painting near the cave with statues that will help you solve the problem. The artwork may be seen north of Cumberland Forest near Window Rock. Push the suggestion to contribute a sketch of the artwork to your journal by going behind the overhang and finding it.

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