Self Care Sunday – A Guide

If you do not get the Sunday ‘scares’, you are almost certainly in a small but fortunate group. As for the rest of us who tentatively prepare for one out of two days’ rest to be filled with anxiety over the coming week, we may need a little help calming those nerves and enjoying the literally ascribed day of rest.

This piece will take a look at a self-care Sunday guide that can help make your transition into Monday go a little more smoothly.

Symptoms and Causes of Sunday Scares

If you are not sure if you suffer from the Sunday scares, either you have not heard of this new term to categorize end-of-week anxiety, or maybe you just work the weekends! There are some people who jump for joy to get up on a Monday and are ready to face the work week, and we are happy for them, we are, but for those who wake up and have from anxiety symptoms such as an upset tummy, a feeling of unease, restlessness, or irritability, it could be that you are emotionally affected by the thought of the week ahead.

If you do not enjoy your job, that could be a big source of your discomfort. However, other factors, including having too much on and spreading yourself too thin, having to spend the day sorting out the week ahead, fitting in socializing, and maintaining relationships while getting enough sleep, can contribute. Even other responsibilities such as getting the kids to school along with after-school hobbies and classes can be factored in. This can make you feel like your week has already been wiped out before you begin.

Make Sunday Sacred Again

Sunday is supposed to be a day where you can relax or spend time with family and friends. If you find yourself running around like a headless chicken trying to prepare yourself for the week instead, take a deep breath and set an hour aside for yourself to do exactly what you want to do. Even if that is nothing at all. If you want to make things special, then indulge in a treat each Sunday that can just be for you. This could be your favorite snack or drink, somecozy but personal lounge or bedroom accessories such a st-shirt blankets or a new cushion, or line up a movie you have been waiting to see.

Remove Things off Your Plate

If you are feeling stressed because you have so much to do in the coming week, sit down and prioritize what you need to do and what you want to do. Cut things that are the least important from both categories and cancel anything that is causing you dread if it is feasible. Understanding what is causing us to be nervous about the week ahead can help us change and adapt our schedule accordingly.

Self-care is an extremely important part of our life that should not be neglected for anything. Take time for you to not only look after yourself in a relaxing way but take additional steps to ease the anxiety in your life, which you can control.

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