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SEO- An Integral Part of Digital Marketing

Have you been thinking lately about hiring a digital marketing agency like and how it works to grow your business? Wondering why your sales are not increasing? Scrutinizing the fact that some businesses are doing good, while yours is performing otherwise?

The answer to all these questions and alike lies in a modern technique used by industry experts to escalate business growth through the expansion of their customer reach, which is known as Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that comprises various sub-techniques, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, being some of them. All these terminologies together provide a broader perspective of a business’s performance, digitally.

It is important to contact a digital marketing agency in Singapore that will take your business to the next level.

In this article, we are going to see the significance of these agencies by the means of introduction to SEO.

What is SEO?

Ever wondered why the websites shown in search results of a search engine are arranged so and not otherwise?

Yes, you guessed it right, it is because of SEO. As the name suggests, search engine optimization is a technique using which a website is reformed according to the working of the search engine to rank high in search results, which ultimately leads to increased users and greater conversion of business goals.

Again, SEO itself has several components, explained briefly in the next section.

5 Important Components of SEO

According to leaders in the digital marketing industry, there are 5 important components of SEO that are to be followed in a hierarchical order for the successful SEO of a website. An expert in the field has a greater command and mainly focuses on all these components listed here:

1.   Crawler Accessibility

Every search engine has several bots, known as crawlers, which visit every website on the internet to get an insight into its performance and new updates added to it. If your business website is not getting any crawlers, it means your website is not recognized by the search engine yet and chances of its ranking high in search results are rare. Therefore, experts like are hired to deal with the frequency of a crawler visiting the website, which is directly proportional to increased chances of getting inflated ranks in search results.

2.   Engaging Content

Content Marketing is a new term in digital marketing that deals with the quality and quantity of the content to be delivered and the usage of this content to acquire elevated rankings. The content is prepared by experts and then optimized. The SEO of all the content posted on the site plays a significant role in beating the competition and getting user traffic.

While doing the SEO of the content, several keywords are incorporated which are extracted after thorough research. This is again a very important task that can be achieved successfully by experts only.

3.   Technical Elements of Website

Several aspects of a website, like engaging UX design, less website loading time, high security of the website, etc. are all part of technical SEO which is taken care of by experts from different departments like development or design. The solution to this cannot be provided by an individual but by a digital marketing agency as a whole.

4.   Optimized Title, URL and Description

For a successful SEO, the title, URL, and description of every page of the website is reformed to draw a high Click-Through Rate (CTR), which is the number of users clicking on the link of a particular page of the website.

5.   Schema Markup

In simple words, schema markup contains a solution to a particular query of the user. It helps a website to stand out in search results to increase the number of users visiting the page, which in turn increases the chances of converting possible customers to consumers.

What’s the Role of a Digital Marketing Firm Here?

After reading the preceding article, you might have a better understanding of how SEO works, as well as the fact that professionals from not just the digital marketing domain but also from other fields of expertise are necessary to take a firm to greater heights.

Therefore, in order to achieve greater objectives, businesses hire a digital marketing agency for a more professional approach for better conversion of goals.

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