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Smart Home Security Tips

As convenient and comfortable as a smart home can be, it comes with certain risks. A smart home comprises a network of gadgets, often connected together in a way that it can be accessed, monitored, and controlled remotely. With this technology comes the possibility that this network can be hacked into by anyone with enough experience.

A lot of hackers often look for weak networks that they can get into. By doing this, an outsider can have control of your home, along with your personal information through devices like smart speakers and phones. The following are some tips that may help you better secure your smart home.

The vulnerability of your home also depends on your internet connection; the more secure it is, the more difficult it will be to hack into it. Hargray internet may be a good choice for homeowners looking to strengthen both the quality and security of their internet connection.

Have a separate network for smart devices

It is always a good idea to keep your personal devices separate from your smart gadgets. This is because even if one network is compromised, the other one will be safe and available for use. Set a strong password for both your Wi-Fi and your smartphone to make them even more difficult to access. The best way to do this is by adding touch ID or face recognition since these options are now available on most smartphones. In this case, even if you feel like your smartphone has been accessed by an external source, you can always change the access code immediately.

Do not buy cheap devices

There are certain devices that are designed according to a security protocol, which is a safety standard for maximum protection against any virtual threats. A good example of this is one you may have seen in your existing connections, i.e. S2 (Security 2). There are devices that you can buy that do not follow this protocol, and they are comparatively cheaper than those that offer security, but the risk that those devices bring with them is not worth taking. Buying cheaper devices, to begin with, can cause damage to your home that may cost a lot of money to fix.

Never use a public Wi-Fi network

Using a Wi-Fi network whose source you are unfamiliar with is like inviting a hacker to take over your home. Homeowners access their entire smart home through a Wi-Fi connection, which means that an untrustworthy Wi-Fi connection should never be used. Aside from the fact that the source of this connection is completely unknown to you, these networks can have no security protocols whatsoever, which would make every device you own completely vulnerable.


With owning a smart home comes the responsibility of keeping it safe from any external threats. Your home being vulnerable means all of your data becomes easily available to anyone who may want to access it. A secure smart home means all of your devices are well-protected, impenetrable, and can be fully entrusted with your personal data.

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