Some Mistakes You Should Not Make In Personal Injury Cases

Since personal injury cases can be very complicated, it is normal to end up making some mistakes. However, this can impact how much money you are going to receive. As a result, it is quite important to be aware of some of the mistakes you could be making. Although many can be highlighted, according to very experienced injury lawyers in Westwood MA, the following are lesser-known and they tend to happen without realizing it.

Not Letting Doctors Know You Have Some Symptoms

Because you are not a doctor, you should never leave out some symptoms you think are not relevant. The personal injury attorney will surely recommend a visit to some sort of medical expert. This is where you need to highlight absolutely all symptoms since medical reports are basically crucial for the success of your claim.

In a medical report, the doctor will document injuries and prospects for recovering. The doctor is not going to be able to guess what you feel. If you experience anything out of the ordinary, you have to mention it. Doctors are there to help you. It is up to them to see what is relevant and what is not.

Not Discussing Mental Problems Related To The Incident With Your Attorney

Never underestimate psychological injuries associated with the injury. For instance, do you lose sleep, or you are faced with extra stress at home? These need to be discussed.

Remember that psychological injuries are often much more significant than physical injuries. And you do not have to be embarrassed with what you suffered or feel.

Thinking The Attorney Just Thinks About Your Case

One thing you might not be aware of is that some personal injury attorneys can even have 100 or more clients at any given time. This is all based on claim complexity and the team that works with the attorney. There are even paralegals that handle 500 claims at one time.

What you should do is engage with the attorney in a frequent manner. Also, whenever you feel that the attorney handles way too many claims to give you the attention you need, it is a very good idea to look for another one.

Not Taking The First Offer Into Account

It is true that in most situations, the very first offer made by insurance companies is not at all reasonable. But this is not a rule, especially when the injuries and the damage are minor. In such cases, insurance companies often make reasonable settlement offers. If you feel that the offer is reasonable and the attorney confirms it, you want to seriously consider accepting it. Negotiating, in this case, might end up leading to you receiving less in the future or losing money as you need to cover more legal fees.

Trusting Family And Friends

Your friends and family members might have the best interests in mind for you but they are not legal professionals. They surely have some opinions but you should not trust them. The only person you should trust when it comes to legal decisions is an attorney.

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