Super Effective Ways for Teeth Whitening

Having a good smile is essential. And, although we have a say in how we look, there aren’t many who take care of their smile on a daily basis. There are plenty of toothpaste and mouthwash manufacturers in the world who are well aware of the fact that millions across the world are looking for ways to improve their smiles, whitening products that have been aligned with increasing demand – and infused with technology that aim to produce a whiter and brighter smile in a short period of time.

There are 4 most effective ways for teeth whitening

  • Use hydrogen peroxide:

Using hydrogen peroxide to naturally whiten your teeth can be a great alternative to commercial whiteners and do-it-yourself whitening kits. The hydrogen peroxide found in the medicine cabinet works just fine, as long as it’s at least 3 percent. The hydrogen peroxide can be diluted with water in a glass or cup of any shape. Do not use metal containers, because they might react with hydrogen peroxide. A ratio of 2 tablespoons

of hydrogen peroxide to 1 glass of water should be effective. If you’re using commercial toothpaste, mix the two together when you brush your teeth.

Highly diluted concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can be used safely as a mouthwash. Use it 1–2 times per day to remove plaque and keep your pearly whites looking their best. When using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, it is very important to dilute it first. Watch this video to learn our easy 3-step method for making your own hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

  • Use baking soda with toothpaste:

    Baking soda is a great teeth whitener. It is abrasive and helps wear away stains on the enamel of your teeth. It leaves your mouth with an alkaline environment making it more difficult for plaque to grow. Over time you will definitely see a difference in your smile’s color. Medford Dentist sourced the highest quality baking soda and added it to our toothpaste, delivering effective results without leaving a scratchy feeling in your mouth or relying on chemicals.

  • Activated charcoal

    : Activated charcoal is a highly effective natural treatment for teeth whitening. So, how does charcoal whiten teeth? It has the ability to grab toxins and substances in the body that can be harmful such as mercury, lead, and pesticides making it a wonderful tool for removing these harmful toxins from the body which in turn also removes stains from the teeth. Activated Charcoal is safe, inexpensive, non-toxic, and supportive of organ health when taken internally. It is also a powerful deodorizer that absorbs unpleasant odors. Activated charcoal is not abrasive and with regular use won’t damage or scratch your enamel.

  • Practice oil pulling

    : oil pulling is a natural and effective way to clean your mouth, and with our coconut oil, it’s even easier. Just put a few tablespoons in your mouth, swish it for 10 to 20 minutes, and spit it out. When you’re finished, then you can brush your teeth like normal. This process removes bacteria, toxins, and other waste from the body while improving oral hygiene. It’s easy to do with our natural coconut oil.


With Medford Dentist Teeth Whitening services, you can give a quick touch-up to your smile at budget-friendly prices. Our treatment ranges from a Quick Teeth Whitening Treatment, which is meant as a one-off service to give that instant glow, to a course of treatments – if you plan to maintain white teeth for long. We are here to help you make your smile the picture-perfect image that it deserves to be!

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