TechBerry Review: An Innovative Blend of AI and Social FX

Despite the massiveness of the financial markets, forex is an obvious winner, standing at the top because of its exceptional value or daily trading volumes. But that value comes at a cost, and that cost is the sheer number of learning curves that’ll have to be challenged and overcoming them won’t be easy. This is because of the delicateness and caution that users have to constantly apply themselves to, making the sector extremely difficult to engage with.

Like with any skill, patience and confidence are required traits, and they have to be considerably honed to acquire even a basic understanding of the FX sector’s inner workings while spending hours’ worth of training with the right mindset so that only the most optimal strategies are formulated. 

What Distinguishes TechBerry from Its Competitors

Under TechBerry’s infrastructure, you’ll come across a rather inventive approach to social FX and AI. This is only made more apparent considering the consistency of its market insights, which go beyond conventional analyses. But how? That’s because of the knowledge it gathers each single day, comprising more than 100,000 professional trading accounts, allowing for the efficient gauging of market sentiments.

Additionally, because of TechBerry’s incorporation of several deep learning algorithms, enormous volumes of data are assessable, enabling the identification of the most advantageous trading strategies. Furthermore, it even has its own Expert Advisor software that gives experts and novices another avenue to appreciate and utilize, where they only have to share their trading data to access it.

TechBerry’s operations are traceable to 2015, and that alone serves as a demonstration of its reliability since it indicates its survival within a sector as competitive as this, and that too by providing a consistent return rate of 11.2% every month on investments.

The Individuals That TechBerry Serves

TechBerry has become one of the leading platforms when it comes to FX, boosting the financial gains of so many individuals and groups, and below, we’ll be diving into a few of them.


Investors who are looking to gain from TechBerry’s return rates have only to register for an account and make some deposits. After that, they would only need to watch or see with their very own eyes how TechBerry takes their investments and gradually turns them into something worthwhile. This can only be attributed to the automation that’s applied here, reducing the need to monitor investments so often. But if there’s a loss due to market downturns, TechBerry’s insurance layer is capable of covering that. 

But those benefits don’t stop there. There’s much more to be had in the variety its membership plans offer, as they’re created with what investors really want in mind. Additionally, these plans are further split into numerous tiers, including gold, green, silver, diamond, and more. Depending on your tier, the insurance you’ll get, the fees you’ll have to pay, and a few other things will vary. And if you were wondering about the highest tier, that would be VIP, the quality of which doesn’t disappoint by any means.

With VIP, you’ll be granted a whopping 100% in insurance, all with reduced fees and many other benefits, like access to an Annual Exclusive Global Event for VIP members, exclusive offers, a personal manager, and a lot more. This only means one thing, and that’s that your investments will be well taken care of.


Individuals who have taken a liking to the sector’s trading aspects will not be dissatisfied with TechBerry’s passive income opportunities. They’ll be rewarded every single month, and they’d only need to share their trading data with TechBerry on either the MT4 or MT5 platforms that they use.

 Financial Institutions

As for firms looking to acquire sustainable profitability rates with their investments or simply a few additional insights regarding the various different FX markets, TechBerry is sufficiently capable of meeting their needs. Its intricacy in its historical insights will be quite welcoming too.

Muslim Investors

For Muslims, TechBerry is compliant with Sharia-based trading practices, and they can rest easy with the fact that it doesn’t go against the value they hold dear. Other than that, the platform has already seen some extensive audits by respectable third parties, including FX Blue, MyFxBook, and more.

TechBerry Vs. Competitors

AvaTrade has many resources that it offers, and its popularity is evident across the globe. But, where it falls short when pitted against TechBerry is the utter lack of any consistent return rates being provided, whereas TechBerry does that while even rewarding its users for just sharing their trading data with the platform.

eToro provides both copy trading and individual trading, even enabling investments to undergo simulation through products such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more. But TechBerry doesn’t duplicate trades; it just subjects them to even more competence and manages them through automation, an appreciable endeavor.

TechBerry’s Bitcoin ETF Alternative

Bitcoin-based ETFs refer to assets that can mirror BTC’s underlying value; what’s more, they can even be traded on conventional market exchanges. Such instruments can support investing within the tokens, but without any involvement from cryptocurrency exchanges, and with leverage on offer too. For example, you have the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and many more. This rise in popularity has presented many opportunities, and a bit of that can be found within TechBerry’s own offerings, making it an interesting alternative to those Bitcoin ETFs, thus providing many avenues for all manner of individuals.

Hence, with TechBerry, clients will be presented with numerous membership plans centered around Bitcoin, all with seamless withdrawals and deposits and the determination of exchange rates when transactions are being carried out. Furthermore, you have credit cards and bank wires as payment methods.

TechBerry: The Future is Close

TechBerry’s innovation has enabled seamlessness within the FX experience, allowing it to ascend the ranks of FX. This success is not easily achieved and is a result of its consistent return rates, all in an industry that’s known for its unpredictable and risky nature, where millions have been lost in the span of a few seconds. All this has rendered it a platform that is truly worthwhile to invest in and be a part of.

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