Terrorism Compensation Claims: 6 Things To Know

Being a victim of a terrorist attack is so unfortunate. You may escape death by a whisker, die on the spot, or sustain severe physical injuries. Besides, the traumatic experience may lead to mental disorders. Fortunately, state laws and policies have been implemented to ensure victims get compensation for the damage. There are rights and privileges accorded to the victims of terrorist attacks. On this account, you must be well versed in tourist compensation claims. Here’s all you need to know:  

JASTA Lawsuits Affect Compensation Claims

The Justice Against State Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA) is a bill passed into law to bring to account foreign states if they participate in acts of international terrorism. Foreign states are responsible for injuries, deaths, or damage that result from their deeds. Essentially, the law narrows the scope of legal sovereignty and gives power to federal courts to act upon subject matter jurisdiction. The lawsuit supports investigations in every state that opens the doors to civil crimes. Thanks to JASTA Suit Experts, terror victims can get the United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund as compensation for terrorist attacks.

Who’s Eligible For Compensation?

You’d qualify for compensation if you suffered directly from the attacks, for instance, survivors who sustained physical injuries. Alternatively, you could have been a witness to the terrorist attack. The events can affect your mental health since you might have episodes from that day. First, you might experience the death of your colleague or friend firsthand. This alone can be a source of distress and depression. On this account, you qualify for compensation. Again, if a parent died in the attack, their children qualify to fill in the claims forms. On the other hand, if the attack damaged your property, you can also file a claim. If you take care of any expenses, you should keep the receipts as they’re used as evidence. 

The most important detail to remember is that you must have secured a final judgment from the district court proving the state is responsible for the damages. Also, note that the details you provide in your claim determine the amount of compensation. Thus, you should ensure you hire a professional attorney to help you with physical injury cases. Any actual physical harm you suffer, considered general claims, comes into play during the claim.

Requirements For Claimants To Be Compensated

State agencies must assess your claim against a predefined list of qualification criteria. Below is an outline of some typical requirements you must fulfill to qualify for compensation:  

  • You must be a US citizen to qualify for the compensation funds.  
  • You must have been working in the country for three years before the terrorist attack.
  • If you’re filing on behalf of someone else, you must have enough evidence for your claim to be justified. For instance, you might need to show the birth certificates of a child in case their parents died in the attack.

It’s a rule to fill out a form containing all the requirements you should meet to get the compensation fund.  

Attacks Abroad

You can also get assistance if you live, work, or were traveling abroad when the terrorist attack happened. In case of hate crimes, you can consult consular services personnel. Since the events are treated as emergencies, the personnel should be available 24 hours a day for quick response. You should be in touch with your embassy in the foreign country and arrange for communication if affected. If you’re a family member of someone involved in a terror attack and they’re abroad, you can reach out for emergency assistance by making a call. The number to call when abroad is 1-202-501-4444.

How Much Compensation Are Victims Of Terrorism Entitled To Claim?

It’s difficult to determine the exact figures on claims. The overall cost differs depending on the injury or harm caused. Some factors that influence how much the compensation will be are:  

  • Injury type  
  • Level of care you need now and in the future  
  • Loss of earnings caused by sick leave  
  • Court protection fee (this is only applicable if you’ve lost the mental capacity to handle your financial affairs)  
  • The cost of rehabilitation and support  
  • Medical fees

The Time Limit For Claiming Compensation

According to the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA), you should report the injury no less than three years after the attack. Thus, you can initiate the process once you’ve received medical attention. Even though they can still pay your compensation after the three-year lapse, you’d better go for it while it’s still viable. You risk having to go through laborious processes and lengthy waiting times to get compensated. Thus, work within the time limit when you can.


Terrorist attack compensation funds seek to relieve those directly affected by unfortunate events. You don’t have to bear all the costs. After all, you had nothing to do with it. You can get compensated after the attacks have happened. All you have to do is follow legal procedures and fulfill all the requirements. It’s also best to work with experienced teams to guarantee the success of your claims.

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