The Beginner’s Guide to Spooning With Your Partner

Spooning has become quite popular lately, especially after Netflix’s new show, “Sex Education.” In the show, two characters share their experiences with spooning.

Spooning is a sexual act where partners lie face-to-face and rub against each other using their hands. The term comes from the French word “spoonee,” meaning “to touch” or “to stroke.”

Spooning is a fun way to spice things up in bed and is also one of the healthiest positions to sleep, but it also requires practice. If you want to master the art of spooning, here are five ways to get started.

Ways To Master The Act Of Spooning

  1. Start Small

The first step is to start small. You can begin by simply lying on your back while your partner lies on top of you. This position allows for easy access to the genitals. It also allows you to explore your partner’s body without worrying about getting too close.

  1. Take Your Time

When you’re first learning how to spoon, take your time. Don’t rush into anything just because you think you should be doing this right now. Instead, make sure to enjoy yourself. Make out slowly and use your fingers to caress your partner’s skin. Once you feel comfortable enough, try moving your hand down towards their genitals.

  1. Use Both Hands

You don’t have to limit yourself to one hand when spooning. Try using both hands to massage your partner’s chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. By using both hands, you’ll increase the amount of stimulation you provide to your partner.

  1. Keep Things Clean

You may not realize it, but there are germs everywhere. When you’re spooned, you’re putting your mouth directly next to your partner’s genitals. That means that any bacteria that you swallow could end up inside them. To avoid spreading germs, wash your hands before you begin spooning.

  1. Experiment With Positions

There are many different positions that you can try when you’re playing around with spooning. Some of these include:

Face-to-Face Spooning: This is probably the most common type of spooning. Here, partners sleep facing each other.

Side-by-Side Spooning: Here, you lie side-by-side while your partner lies on either side of you.

Doggy Style Spooning: This is similar to doggy style except that you’re facing away from your partner. This position is very much practiced by a back sleeper.

Tongue Kissing Spooning: This involves kissing your partner’s lips and tongue.

  1. Enjoy Yourself

Once you’ve mastered spooning, you can move to more advanced techniques. For example, if you like giving oral sex, you can give your partner a blowjob while lying on their stomachs. Or, if you want to receive oral sex, you can let your partner lick all over your body.

  1. Have Fun

Playing around with spooning can be a lot of Fun. Just remember to keep things clean and safe. Also, don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself!

  1. Share Your Experiences

If you enjoyed reading our article, please share it with others who might find it helpful. And if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please leave them below.

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The Reasons Partner Try Spooning Positions

It Helps In Developing A Bond

There are many reasons partners try spooning positions. One of the most popular reasons is that it creates a special bond. When a partner is in this position, they can feel secure and comfortable in the other person’s presence. This is a common position among new couples and creates a unique relationship. In addition, it can also lead to a deeper level of intimacy. Here are some of the other reasons to try spooning with your partner.

It Helps In Releasing Oxytocin

The following reason is that spooning can release oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the love drug, released during bonding experiences, orgasms, and post-coital cuddles. Studies have also shown that sleeping on your partner’s back may lead to a more profound sense of connection. According to one study by the University of Pittsburgh, spooning positions improve sleep, which is essential for the health of both partners. Additionally, couples who try this position often report a close bonding and a sense of safety.

It Helps In Building Emotional And Physical Connection

Another reason that couples try spooning positions is to connect emotionally and physically. When a couple cuddles, they release oxytocin, which is also known as the love drug. This substance is also released during bonding experiences, orgasms, and after-coital cuddles. It is also known to improve sleep quality. A study by the University of Pittsburgh showed that women who sat in the spooning position after sex slept better than women who sat in the same place for long periods. It was also found that those who shared this experience felt closer and safe with each other, resulting in increased intimacy and satisfaction.

In Conclusion

The spooning position is not intended for deep penetration or quick thrusting. Instead, this position requires a slow, gentle rhythm. And while it’s not meant to be a fast and intense sex move, it is also perfect for people who need clitoral stimulation. However, this position has some disadvantages, which makes it less appropriate for some men and women. Here are three reasons why spooning isn’t for you.

A classic spooning position is the most popular choice for many couples. One of the benefits of spooning is that it lends itself to creativity. While many couples prefer this position, you can also use it before, during, and after sex. And as long as you’re both in the right mood, it’s likely that your partner will be pleasantly surprised. Once you master this sex position, you’ll be able to enjoy your climax, and your partner will be delighted with your affection.

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