The Best Guide: How to hide your IP address?

The most convenient and secure option to conceal your identity and IP address is through a virtual private network, or VPN. We’ll discuss other methods in a moment. Additionally, the price is really affordable.

Your device, network, location, and behavior are all identified by your IP address, which serves as your online identity. It makes perfect sense to want to keep that information private. The first step to regaining control over your anonymity is to hide your IP address. Every Internet user ought to desire to do that.

You might not take anything noteworthy or significant as a drop in the online ocean. Your identity is important in many ways, though. The marketing advertiser makes presumptions about your preferences based on your online activity and develops customized adverts to increase the likelihood of conversion. Your IP address is used for each of those actions.

Why Would You Need To Hide Your IP Address?

People frequently conceal their IP addresses in order to download illegal content covertly and avoid detection. However, there are numerous more reasons you would wish to keep it secret.

Geographical limitations and censorship are one factor. You can circumvent these limitations and access restricted websites if you can conceal your real IP address and appear to be browsing from a different location. Additionally, private corporations frequently geo-lock their material, making it inaccessible in specific nations. For instance, this frequently occurs on YouTube, where some nations, such as Germany, outright restrict copyrighted content instead of utilizing YouTube’s monetization scheme.

Another justification for hiding your IP address is to increase privacy and stop unauthorized access to your personal data. Every time you visit a website, the server that you connect to records your IP address and associates it with all the other information the website can gather about you, including your browsing patterns, the links you click, and the length of time you spend on each page. Even if your location services are disabled, your IP address can be used to determine where you are.

Final Words 

There are various ways to conceal your current IP address; some only mask it while the IP is active, while others simply remove the troublesome IP and replace it with a different one.

You can make use of the Tor browser, proxy, or VPN service if you still want to preserve your present IP address and only sometimes need to weaken or remove your online identity. VPN is the best option because it offers the maximum level of anonymity, security, and consistency.

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