The Complete Guide That Makes Recruiting Automation A Simple Process

Recruiters spend an average of 15 hours every week sourcing for one role. Now, 20% are usually actively sourcing for all open roles in their organizations. This means recruiting can be an extremely time-consuming process.

Over 80% believe they could be more productive with automated recruiting. This growing need for recruiting automation has led to the popularity of AI for recruiting.

Now, recruiting automation will cut costs significantly. It’ll save you time, and move candidates through the pipelines so much faster. It’ll free you from repetitive tasks and you can focus on the best candidates that make it through.

That said, finding top talent using AI will depend on your ability to automate the recruiting process. You need to automate the workflow to ensure you don’t miss out on great candidates in the process. Keep reading to find out how to make recruiting automation a simple process.

Start With Job Advertising

Your recruiting automation process can start from the beginning with job advertising. Utilize programmatic job advertising which involves buying digital advertisements. You can target your most ideal candidates on the internet.

A lot of employers today are using advertising automation to push brand content as well. This means that recruiting automation can effectively improve brand messaging. It’ll make job adverts more appealing than the average job postings.

Track Applicants Through the Recruitment Process

Some of the best recruitment automation technology is applicant tracking systems. As a recruiter, you can utilize such a system to collect and track the recruitment process in a database. Tracking should begin as soon as the candidate applies for an open role.

This will help the recruiter access applicant details easily so they can collaborate accordingly. Now, get this, about 42% of the job applications you receive will not meet your requirements. Moreover, about 78% of job seekers apply for positions they don’t even qualify for.

The sheer number of applications you are likely to receive will be overwhelming. You’ll spend a lot of your time sifting through resumes to find the right experience and skill-set. It’s imperative for you to weed out unqualified applicants with resume screening.

There’s a wide array of resume screening tools you can use. Choose the most user-friendly and efficient one. Automate this process and identify candidates who actually qualify.

The Candidate Pre-Screening Process

With candidate pre-screening tools, it’ll be easy for you to rank and grade candidates. You can pre-qualify those who are fit to go through the employee hiring process. With an intelligent resume screener, you’ll be able to evaluate a candidate’s skills sets.

You’ll assess their characteristics, and experience based on the resume. You’ll automatically identify the most qualified applicants. Take advantage of built-in chatbots as well as virtual recruitment assistants.

These have become so common for employers during the pre-screening process. The best thing about a chatbot is that it’ll gather basic information about applicants. Even better, it’ll determine their suitability for the role.

Chatbots will ask questions, understand answers and interact with potential candidates. They’ll improve the way you engage with the applicants by providing you with immediate answers to common questions.

This will leave you with time to answer the more complex questions. Additionally, you’ll have enough time to connect with the most appealing candidates.

Simplify the Pre-Employment Assessment

A pre-hire assessment platform can be an extremely valuable tool. Assessing relevant characteristics and skills will be a walk in the park. It’ll be possible to rank candidates based on their scores.

There are many types of pre-employment assessment tools. Some assessments measure things like cognitive ability. Others measure technical skills, personality characteristics, or even situational behavior.

Get a pre-employment assessment platform that allows you to combine different assessments. It’ll give you insight and a holistic view of your candidates.

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews manually is a time-consuming task. It’s considered one of the most tedious parts of hiring new employees.

You see, you may have to go back and forth to confirm availability for different applicants. Automation would save time and streamline the process significantly. This part of recruiting automation will create better experiences for everyone.

Automate the Candidate Nurturing Process

One of the most vital things you can do during recruitment is maintain relationships with candidates. Don’t only be active when you’re interviewing or considering them. A candidate relationship management system will help you engage candidates through email automation.

Automated emails will nurture candidates through the recruitment process. It’ll also ensure they stay engaged without losing interest in the role. Send automated reminders to keep them up-to-date with upcoming interviews or assessments.

Conducting Background Checks

It’s critical for you to run a background check before you officially hire anyone. The best part is that you can automate this part of the employee hiring process.

You can use features like automated research and name matching technology to find the information you need. An automated process will improve the speed and accuracy of your checking efforts.

If you intend to hire foreigners, partner with global PEO services. You’ll have professionals helping you run background checks on international candidates.

Discovery and Ranking

For an open role, it’s a given you’ll have multiple qualified candidates but you’re only going to hire one of them. Now, when you come across top talent with promising profiles, you can’t afford to lose track of them. Build a talent pool of applicants who may qualify for future roles using candidate rediscovery technology.

Recruiting Automation: Making the Hiring Process Easy and Efficient

If you are currently not using recruiting automation, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. The recruitment process can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and tedious. Automating as many processes as possible can go a long way.

It’s not in any way supposed to replace recruiters. However, it’ll eliminate mundane tasks. Recruiters can focus on important aspects of the recruitment process.

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