The Different Types of Project Management Methodologies Used Today

Did you know only 21% of companies have a project management system in place? Project management is essential. It can help you stay on task and ensure important deadlines get hit, therefore a perfect guide to project management is very necessary to start a business.

Suppose you want to start a smart business, or are you already running one and find confusion and disorganization within the workplace. In that case, it may be time to research different project management methodologies.

Want to know about the different project management systems out there? Keep reading! We’ll give you an overview of what you need to know.

What Are Some Primary Project Management Methodologies?

When starting a new project, it’s a good idea to look at what is required and pick a project style that works for your required output. No two projects are the same, so you might find yourself using multiple methodologies!


Out of all the project management methodologies, Waterfall would be considered the oldest and possibly outdated method. Many teams still use this method, so; it is good to know!

Waterfall has teams working in waves. Each step in the project depends on the step before it being completed prior to moving forward. Due to this rigid nature, it can be slower than other methods.

AgileAgile is faster and more versatile than Waterfall. It’s all about moving a project along quickly in smaller chunks.

It is easier to pivot when using Agile, allowing smooth changes. If you work in an environment where changes happen reasonably often, Agile may work best!



When using Scrum, teams work in sprints. This allows them to complete smaller goals that work toward a larger objective. You also do not need to wait on other teams working on the same project to complete their task before starting yours.


This type of management focuses on maximum efficiency. Every task is looked at in terms of streamlining.

Factory settings where the types of projects and outputs are all the same often use Kanban. It helps determine where to trim things in the process.


Similar to Kanban but puts the customer first. This customer-first mindset allows project managers to strip away any additional fat to ensure they provide a more affordable, time-efficient, and optimal experience for its customer.

Lean is used best in environments like retail and anywhere you want to improve customer satisfaction.

How to Pick the Best Project Management Type

The best business management team can determine what a project requires and choose a methodology based on output. Need something streamlined? Consider Kanban! If you want to enhance the customer experience, use Lean.

There are plenty of PMO and project management articles out there that can help you along the way if you get stuck. Give a new methodology a try and find what works best for your team.

What Type of Project Management Will You Choose?

Now you know most of the project management methodologies out there! What system are you going to choose for your next project? Are you going to stick to the tried and true Waterfall or get Agile?

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