The go-to Tools that Every Handyman Must Have

With the rise in home improvement and a do it yourself attitude, there has been an associated rise of the independent handyman/person. It is a personal business sector that many professionals from the building and construction sectors have entered and continue to enter. It is a less stressful environment where the skills learned over the years can be used to start a business and generate sustainable income. This article will detail the tools that every such handyperson must have in their bag.

Plumbing Pipe wrenches

The most common call out for home repairs or home maintenance is for plumbing issues, and you don’t have to be a registered plumber to be able to turn off the water, but you may need a wide-mouthed adjustable wrench. It’s a go-to tool that must be in your toolbox.

A full set of multipurpose generic sockets

Check to ensure that all the sizes are in the box, with required extensions as the ability to loosen or tighten a wide range of nuts and bolts is going to be at the heart of the handyman’s tasks. The socket set, Allen keys, and screwdrivers need to be front and center in your toolkit.

Duct tape, Plastic ties and fasteners

There is nothing like good old duct tape to hold a repair in place while you get to work fixing material together. The duct tape is the moniker for all forms of ties and fasteners, but you also get more flexible yet high tensile strength baling wire such as that at, as it can be used to tie, bind and fasten almost anything that has come apart or needs stability for you to work on or repair.

Clear multipurpose adhesive

The amount of home repairs and fixes that can easily be affected with some strong bonding adhesive is remarkable. Ensure that it is clear so that it can be used on all surfaces and color fixes.

Fully charged spare batteries for all hand tools

It has happened to us all, but there should be no excuse for a professional handyperson to lose power during a job. No client wants to hear that you just need to recharge the drill’s battery and then finish the install. Have a spare or several spares as you never know what you’ll be drilling through.

Good manner and a sense of humor

There is nothing worse than a surly handyperson, and unless you’re friendly and have a smile on your dial, then you’re unlikely to last long in this sector.

The rise of the handyperson and home improvement advisor as they have become known is based on the fact that more people than ever before have begun to use their time to do DIY and home improvement, and most will need a helping hand from time to time. If it’s a profession you are interested in or already in, then the advice as presented herein will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition and are ready for any of the varied work that comes your way.

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