The Productivity Applications Included in Office 365

Office 365 comes with a remarkably robust set of tools for you and your business. Intended to assist you to become extra productive with less effort. While several users are aware of the components in Office 365, many do not recognize the potential in the wide range of applications. So, here you can find out what is included in Office 365 as well as the potential and benefit of every app for your business.

Here are some productivity applications that are included in Office 365:

You can perform a tenant to tenant migration if you want to take advantage of these apps.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a chat-based collaborative space for co-workers and departments. Basically, Teams offers a single-window workspace in which the team members can communicate through texts or video conferences, create notes, and share files directly. The Teams application has the ability to integrate with additional Office 365 applications indicating that you do not have to shift between applications while working in Teams.


Outlook has high integration with several other Office 365 applications, enabling you to send emails, schedule meetings, create to-do lists, and get task reminders. It is easy to share links with co-workers to cloud-based documents stored on SharePoint and OneDrive, while other applications like ‘Tasks’, ‘To-Do’, and ‘People’ are all highly integrated.


OneDrive allows cloud storage for Office 365. It enables you to safely save and share files from any place and device. OneDrive enables you to manage your security by defining access and file permissions and viewing who shares or receives them. You can also clean a device remotely if it is stolen or lost.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is excellent for managing documents and collaboration for all sizes of businesses. Several businesses utilize SharePoint as an intranet, where company-wide data like updates, news articles, company handbooks, etc., are centralized and available to access employees. When you undergo SharePoint Migration you also get excellent services for communication and collaboration for employees.

Microsoft Office

It includes tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. By using Office 365, you can get the complete desktop versions or the online versions (based on the plan you choose). The office is then regularly updated so that you get the latest version of Microsoft’s software with the updated functions.


Planner is an amazing way of planning tasks and collaborating between teams. The app enables you to plan tasks visually on a board, displaying various statistics within your team’s strategy. Every task has its own tile, with a headline and some information about the task with a due date. Team members are allocated to the respective task, in order to see the work done by every employee. You can also design columns of tasks and operations. These columns are named ‘buckets. Each bucket describes a separate topic, and you can simply add tasks to it.

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