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Exploring Excellence: The Superiority of Quick-Step Ciro Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Herringbone Design

Whether you’re building a new home or redecorating, the floors can elevate your interior design. Hardwood is one of the most sought-after options, delivering both warmth and sophistication. However, it is an expensive option. More affordable but equally good-looking, luxury vinyl flooring is a popular alternative. For instance, Quick Step Ciro luxury vinyl herringbone flooring is an expensive-looking imitation of hardwood available for a fraction of the price. 

At Floor Land, we know that floor selection plays a crucial role in the comfort and style of your home. Before making up your mind, here’s why our experts recommend Quick-Step vinyl click flooring and why you should opt for a herringbone design.

Sought-After Design

For most people buying new floors, one of the most important aspects is the design. Hardwood and parquet flooring are popular due to their timeless appearance and high-end finish. For a long time, laminate and vinyl flooring couldn’t compete with that. However, this isn’t the case anymore. 

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) closely imitates natural wood grains, creating the same sought-after design as parquet or hardwood — and comes with added advantages. Quickstep Ciro, for instance, is available in six outstanding finishes ranging in colours from a pale, whitewash (Pure Oak Polar) to a beautiful warm honey brown (Botanic Caramel Oak). 

The photographic layer of this herringbone vinyl flooring not only imitates the natural wood grain, but it includes knotts normally found on timber planks. This life-like design makes it difficult to tell it apart from real wood. 

The four grooves, one on each side of the vinyl plank, further contribute to the high-end look. These slightly rounded edges maintain the rustic effect of natural wood, infusing any interior with rural character. Last but not least, the herringbone pattern creates a style statement, combining visual interest with a warm atmosphere.

Easy Installation 

Modern vinyl flooring is popular for its ease of installation, but Quick-Step Ciro takes things to a new level. Unlike standard herringbone flooring, which requires the use of two types of planks, Quick-Step Ciro uses the Unizip locking system.

This system is unique to Quick-Step Ciro and unlike any other products and consists of tongues and grooves on both sides of the plank. As a result, you can ‘click’ the plank in place regardless of the plank’s actual position in the herringbone pattern, resulting in much faster and simpler installation. 

Not having to pay attention to using the right A or B plank isn’t the only advantage of Quick-Step Ciro as all boards have the same locking system, saving on huge amounts of wastage. Another advantage is that it comes with the pad underlay attached. 

This is particularly important, considering that most vinyl floors need underlayment. Quick-Step’s attached underlayment option reduces costs and speeds up installation. It also prevents the infiltration of moisture between the underlayment and the vinyl plank, reducing the risk of mould or mildew. 

The attached underlayment also provides superior cushioning compared to standard underlay options. Hence, the floor feels more pleasant under bare feet. Moreover, this underlayment option provides better sound absorption, keeping the floor wonderfully silent. 

Fully Waterproof 

Herringbone floors are sought-after options for the entire home, but become particularly enticing in bathrooms and kitchens. When choosing bathroom or kitchen flooring, however, you must consider the product’s water resistance.

Quick-Step Ciro is 100% waterproof and spills and splashes cannot seep through the plank or joints which is usually the main reason behind mould and mildew problems. A high amount of moisture can also damage the underlayment and even a timber or plywood subfloor. 

While it is difficult for water to penetrate through the various layers of vinyl flooring and destroy the photographic layer, such things could happen in low-quality floor types. Yet, there is nothing to worry about as far as Quick-Step Ciro is concerned. 

This floor is treated with Quick-Step’s proprietary HydroSeal, a water-repellent coating that makes sure no water can penetrate the floor. The joints are also super tight, meaning that not only are the various layers protected, but moisture can’t get to the subfloor, either. 

Extremely Durable 

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting new floors, especially if you want to install them in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, hallways, or living room. All residential and commercial floor products are classified according to the EU standard EN 13329, which was first introduced in the late 1990s. 

This standard indicates in which areas and under which conditions the various flooring types can be used, and consumers can distinguish between three main classes. Flooring in the 20th class (classes 21 to 23) is fit for domestic use. It is more affordable than the other two classes, but also less durable. It is typically suitable for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and other low-traffic areas.

Flooring in the 30th class (classes 31 to 34) is fit for intensive and commercial use. This floor resists heavy footfall, moisture, and scratches, and is ideal for all high-traffic areas of a home — including the kitchen and hallways — as well as commercial premises like shops and offices. 

In the 40th class (floor classes 41 to 43), you can find floors suitable to use in industrial environments. These options are more expensive than the lower classes, but a lot more durable. They can be cleaned with harsh cleaners and resist chemical spills, alongside heavy foot traffic. It is unlikely to find these flooring types in homes. 

The Quick-Step Ciro is a type of high-end herringbone vinyl floor and is rated as a class 33 product. It has a thickness of 6mm and can go in all areas of your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, hallways, and living areas.

Easy Maintenance 

One of the main advantages of vinyl flooring is the easy maintenance. In Quick-Step’s case, the Stain and Scratch Guard technology not only seals the top, but it provides superior protection against blemishes, stains, dirt, and scuff marks.

Cleaning the Ciro floor is easy, whether you decide to sweep or vacuum it. Stubborn dirt stains are easy to remove with a wet mop. Thanks to the material’s heat resistance, you can also clean it with hot water. Moreover, you can use a variety of cleaning products designed for vinyl floors. 

Quick-Step offers a variety of dedicated accessories for the Ciro model, including finishing profiles and skirting boards. These accessories not only match the colour and design of your floor perfectly, but they also boost resistance and prevent dust from seeping under the floor. In other words, these accessories further reduce maintenance. 

Underfloor Heating-Compatible 

Underfloor heating has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its streamlined design. It allows you to ditch the unsightly space heaters while enjoying comfortable warmth in your home. Historically, though, this heating type didn’t quite pair with vinyl flooring. 

This isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to its exceptional thermal resistance, the Quick-Step Ciro is compatible with all traditional underfloor heating systems. To prevent damaging the floor, you should follow Quick-Step’s installation instructions and avoid heating the floors at temperatures above 27°C. 

Lifetime Warranty

When choosing luxury vinyl flooring, an important consideration should go to the product’s warranty. While it is not a rule set in stone, a longer warranty generally shows the manufacturer’s trust in that specific product, vouching for its quality.

Quick-Step offers a lifetime warranty for its Ciro herringbone LVT flooring, covering manufacturing defects. This flooring type is also covered by a limited water resistance warranty of 10 to 15 years that covers water damage in situations where water hasn’t stagnated on the floor for more than 24 hours. 

The warranty also covers visible defects, but it only entitles you to a replacement if the product is returned within 15 days from purchase date. Other conditions might also apply, but you can find more about this product’s warranty directly from the manufacturer or our Floor Land consultants. 

Wrap Up 

Quick-Step Ciro is one of the most sought-after luxury vinyl flooring in herringbone design you could choose for your home. Attention to detail, durability, and suitability to use in residential and commercial environments make this option a popular replacement to hardwood and parquet.  

Now, you are probably wondering: “Where can I buy luxury vinyl floors near me”? At Floor Land, we offer a wide range of herringbone flooring options for all budgets and purposes. Visit our herringbone flooring store in Warrington or our online store to find herringbone vinyl in London and nationwide. Whether in Cheshire or online, our experts will be happy to assist you. 

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