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Time for a Change? Here Are 5 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Home

You’ve cooked countless meals, had hearty conversations, hosted friends, and achieved a lot in this home. Chances are, the counters and cabinets are worn out from feeding the family tirelessly. The floors may have started showing signs of supporting numerous steps each day. The walls may be peeling off due to the weighty memories they hold. Your home ages over time. It becomes outdated and may fail to meet all your family’s needs. If you’ve outgrown your home, it’s time to update it. Check out these five creative ways to redesign and modernize your home.

Eye-Catching Exterior

Taking care of your home’s exterior boosts its curb appeal, sale value, and life span. It’s the first thing people notice when they visit. It shows how much you care about your home, and what to expect when you get inside. You need to keep a keen eye on the landscaping, exterior walls, sidings, trims, and roof. Don’t overlook your home’s siding. The elements cause it to crack, rot or discolor. They may have worked hard to keep your family warmed up during the cold seasons. Think of doing a complete siding remodeling. Swap to a material that doesn’t bend to extreme temperature change. Add a few accent pieces to the siding to create a visually appealing exterior. Siding remodeling is quite complicated if your lack the skill and training. It would be great to work alongside a siding remodeling contractor. They have the skill and experience needed to help redesign siding that improves your home’s visual attractiveness.

A Minimalist Luxe Bath

A luxurious bathroom is not a far-fetched idea. You don’t need extravagance or more space to create a luxe bathroom. How about a wooded view as you soak in the tub. If you’re battling with tiny and tight space matching white wall tiles to white floor tiles may resolve the tightness. It will create a seamless and airy feel in the bathroom. If possible, get a new tub for the bathroom. If the space is small, a mini or small freestanding tub or a custom shower pan will add the luxe feel to your bathroom. Be minimal with space. You can contrast the white with a black sinuous curved bathtub. You can also introduce texture in your bathroom by installing marble floors.

An All-In-One Living, Kitchen, and Dining Space

Flip your home’s culinary creations by letting more natural light into the kitchen and the family room. The unity of the kitchen, dining area, and living room will transform the interior layout of your home. Your household will feel more connected once a wall separating these spaces is replaced with a sliding glass door or a transparent boundary. When merging these paces, be cautious about the floor transition, color palette, and furniture placement. You can sink the living area to create an invisible boundary. You can use a similar flooring option in these spaces to create a seamless flow. Sectional furniture and rugs can act as good space delineators. The color theme should also enhance a smooth flow. Bring the outdoor into your home by replacing the wall separating the living room and the patio with sliding glass doors. Swap the cabinets with open shelves to augment the open floor plan.

The Power of Refreshed Walls               

Refresh all the walls in your home. The paint will give your house an instant facelift. While at it, how about using the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Add pops of rich colors around your home. Use paint to accent a shelf or highlight architectural features. Add colorful and playful strips to a wall, add texture to a room with patterned walls, an ombre wall in the bedroom or bathroom, or add structure to the family room.

Blissful Nights

You need a less invasive and uncomplicated switch up to upgrade the bedrooms in your home. Create a dreamy mood with an ombre or a dreamy mural on the wall. Use both mood and task lighting in the bedroom. You can also make it glamorous by hanging a chandelier. Recessed lighting will give the bedroom a minimalist look. Swap the flooring to cozy and warm floor options. Oak, walnut or maple flooring will add depth, warmth, and charm to your bedroom. You can take the less invasive route with a bedroom carpet or area rug. Incorporate decor into the space. Don’t forget to add sleep-inducing plants. Lavender, jasmine, or the valerian plant are great for the bedroom.


These creative ideas will give an instant boost to your home if you’re looking to upgrade multiple spaces in your home. Partner with a skilled and qualified home remodeling professional for better results.

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