Tips for Taking Care and Maintaining the Beauty of the Fancy Abaya Dress

Fancy abaya looks beautiful with decorations like embroidery, crystals, or shiny fabrics! But we know that those delicate designs need some extra care so that the outfit stays in good shape. Here are some of the easy tips to help your fancy abayas last a long time. Following these simple steps will keep your glamorous Muslim women clothing like abaya dresses looking brand new every time you wear it! People will think you just bought it. And you’ll feel proud walking around in your dazzling abaya dress for many years to come.

Check The Tag on the Outfit:

When you first buy a decorated abaya, be sure to check out the tag for washing instructions. Fancy abayas with shiny beads, sparkly sequins, or colorful embroidery need extra special care when cleaning so you don’t damage the pretty designs.

For example, you have got a stunning new pink chiffon abaya with intricate beaded flower sleeves. But all those delicate beads could easily come loose if you toss the abaya in the washing machine. The tag will probably say “dry clean only” so those beads stay secure during cleaning. On the other hand, if your new abaya is made from soft cotton with no embellishments, the tag may say it’s safe to gently wash and air dry at home. So remember to read the care instructions on new abayas and follow them closely. This will keep the fabrics looking fresh and the decorations intact for many years of wear.

Abaya Instructions Tag

Washing Tips for Crepe Abaya Dresses:

Crepe fabric is thin and flowy but needs gentle care. It’s best to wash crepe abayas by hand in cold water so they keep their shape.

Use a special gentle detergent made for delicates and abayas. This keeps the crepe from getting damaged. For example, say you have a dark blue crepe abaya. After each wear, you’ll want to hand wash it in cold water with a delicate detergent. Also, when ironing your crepe abaya, use a steam iron on a low heat setting. The steam helps remove wrinkles without pressing harsh creases into the delicate fabric. Follow these easy steps and your crepe abayas will maintain its quality and keep its elegant drape for many seasons! 

Abaya Crepe Clothes

Take Care Of the Decorations on the Modern Abayas:

If you have a fancy abaya with pretty beads, embroidery, or other decorations, you’ll want to air dry it instead of using the machine. The high heat and tumbling of a machine dryer can actually damage the delicate decorations and make them fall off over time. For example, say you have an elegant abaya with minimal but beautiful wavy embroidery designs. To keep those embroidered designs looking great, gently squeeze out excess water and lay the abaya flat to air dry instead of tossing it in the dryer. Air drying prevents the decorations from getting loose or damaged. It’s an easy way to keep your embellished abayas looking brand new!

Abaya Air Drying

Avoid Sun Light:

Quick tip about keeping your abaya colors looking bright. Sunlight can actually fade the colors over time. So when you’re not wearing your abaya, be sure to store it somewhere dark and dry to protect the colors. Don’t leave it in the sun! Keeping it in a closet or covered when not in use will help the vibrant colors last much longer. 

Wear High-End Luxurious Jewelry:

Delicate fabrics and decorations like beading or embroidery can easily get snagged and damaged. So avoid wearing sharp jewelry or accessories that could catch on the fabrics of your abayas.

For example, if you have a stunning abaya with floral bead embellishments, steer clear of pointy rings or bracelets. They could accidentally pull a thread or snag a bead. Opt for smooth, rounded jewelry instead to keep your elaborate abaya looking flawless!

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