Tips for Winter Propane Deliveries

Propane is one of the best fuels out there, heating evenly and affordably so your home stays toasty through the chilliest season. Unfortunately, winter can bring a lot of issues for deliveries, and if you’re not prepared for it, you might miss a delivery you desperately need.

These are the top tips for propane deliveries in the winter and why they matter!

1. Keep Your Driveway Clear

The most important thing you can do is keep your driveway and sidewalks as clear as possible. Don’t let ice or snow build-up, and ensure you go all the way to the edges of this space. Although you can absolutely keep your driveway under control by doing this every single morning it snows, sometimes there are afternoon storms or other times that snow builds up unexpectedly.

The main goal is just to keep it clear for as long as you have a delivery coming. This can also help you in the long run since many cities require you to keep walking paths clear by law.

2. Check Your Propane Levels Often

Take the time to check your propane levels! On some tanks, there’s a window that shows you; others have alarms that will tell you when they hit a specific pressure. If you’re not sure which yours is, talk to your propane supplier to see what you need to do.

3. Schedule Maintenance and Service Early

Don’t wait to get a propane delivery until it’s too late! When you see your tank hitting around 1/3rd left, take the time to call. If you let a propane tank run all the way to empty, you could accidentally ruin the tank and lead to future leaks.

Calling early also ensures you never have to go without propane since they’ll arrive just in time to swap it out.

4. Show a Clear Path to the Tank

If your tank connects in an area of your lawn that’s in the grass or through your gate, make it clear how they’re supposed to access that space. This might mean shoveling the snow off of your grass in a clear path, or it could mean using a snow blower to knock it all away.

Although most can handle a couple of inches of snow, nobody wants to carry a heavy propane tank through a lawn that has a foot of snow in it, and they can’t see what’s going on beneath it.

5. Be Careful When Handling the Tank

If you have to move the tank or shift it, be as careful as possible. Although snow can’t harm a tank, since Propane can’t freeze by any Earthly temperatures- you still don’t want to dent it or cause it to crack.

Move it slowly, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The last thing you want to do is break a tank full of gas because you didn’t feel like going in and seeing if someone would help you.

There’s Nothing as Warming as Propane!

Propane is an excellent fuel that can kick your property up a notch. If you’re ready for some great heat and can keep your property safe for deliveries, this could be a dream come true!

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