Tips to Save Money on a Holiday Trip

When you are traveling for that long-awaited vacation, it can be easy to forget about your budget and end up overspending. After all, you have been looking forward to taking a break from the real world and this makes money the last thing on your mind. However, you do not want to go back home as a person full of regret because of an empty account or worse, drowning in debt.

One of the surefire ways to burn your budget is spending too much on lodging. If you are on a leisurely trip and budget is not an issue for you, surely Punta Mita Villas can be your safe bet where you can spend your vacation with all the luxuries. If you are traveling to explore, it does not make sense to spend a substantial amount of your budget on these locations as they happen to be the least interesting, at least in our perspective. That said, here are several great ways to save money on your holiday and hotels while traveling from My Hotel Break.

  1. Don’t Fall for the Upsell

You are bound to come across rental car companies that will attempt to convince you that you need an SUV rather than a compact car, airlines that will ask if you wish to upgrade to a premium economy, etc. If you are looking to save money on holiday, then ignore those VIP packages and similar upsells when traveling. Only spend on what you’ve budgeted for.

  1. Go to the Supermarket or Order Groceries

When we went on a Disney trip, we decided to use an online grocery delivery service on the arrival day. We paid more than a conventional grocery trip back at home, but it was way cheaper to prepare breakfasts and snacks for the day, compared to eating out on a daily basis.

Also, we ordered several cases of water and put the bottles in the fridge to carry along every day. These can also serve as an icepack for your portable snacks such as yoghurt and fresh fruit. This means you do not have to spend $5 for water when the Florida sun hits.

If you are staying at a hotel, then eat breakfast there, consider packing a to-go lunch and save the money for an eat-out dinner. If you chose a rental house, then eat out at lunch as you explore the region and cook a cheap dinner once you get back. Prepping your own meals will certainly save you money and also allows you to manage the calories you eat if you are keen on healthy living even during vacation.

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  1. Eat at Small Restaurants or Local Cafes

You can ask the hotel staff or the local people where you can find great food in the region. Going to local joints is often cheaper and more interesting than tourist-focused places. In addition, you get to meet and interact with the locals.

While at the eating topic, avoid the hotel restaurant. That’s because they tend to have higher-priced food and the quality is almost always lower than the places you will come across in town.

  1. Drink at Your Residence

Have a glass of wine or beer before you go out for dinner. Restaurants, particularly in popular destinations are notorious for charging a premium for drinks. So, if you have the chance to have cocktails in your place of accommodation before going out, then do so by any means. You will thank your wallet later.

  1. Pack a Snack Stash

Paying triple the price for a bag of pretzels when at the airport or waiting in line for an attraction is perhaps one of the most annoying things about traveling. However, you can prevent this by carrying your own snacks. Include protein bars, granola, etc., so that you’ll always have that sugar rush as you enjoy your tours.

  1. Get a Phone Call Plan

If you are leaving the country or going on a cruise, and need to call home, ensure you switch to a plan that provides free or low-cost data and texting use overseas. This will prevent the common hefty fees that come with daily-rate international plans with most providers.

You can take advantage of free to call applications like Skype, Hangouts and Whatsapp as they only require an internet connection. With free internet in your hotel, calling back home should not be an issue.

  1. Consider Online Deals

Groupon and similar websites have deals and discounts on restaurants, attractions and entertainment. As such, you’ll want to search for deals in your destination to avoid paying full price for every destination.

With these tips, you should be able to save money on your holiday and still have the desired fun.

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