Top 10 party dresses of all time

Whether you need inspiration for another important evening or just want to appreciate a fashion story, these iconic party dresses are sure to make you feel more festive.


80s girl crushed Molly Ringwaldo’s do-it-yourself ball gown

Pretty pink? Yes, she is. Like Andy Walsh, actress Molly Lin Wald has proven that you don’t need money to have a great style. Self-made Andy’s pink graduation gown not only appreciates Britney McDonough’s destruction of her high school but also wins the hearts of millions of teenagers.


Bright Rihanna Exclusive Dress

For most people,party dresses it is difficult to incorporate their personal style into the realm of evening two-piece dresses, but again, Rihanna is by no means ordinary. The rock singer and style rebel appeared in 2008. At the Grammy Awards, he brought back a golden statue for his hit song “Umbrella”, a sporty hairstyle, and an absolutely stunning Zac Posen knee-length blue dress (and orange nails). !


Inspiration from animal house robe covering conditions

Can you say “one-shoulder trend”? Proving that a man’s beer-dyed bedding can be another woman’s Emmy dress, with a lot of dry cleaning and some optional accessories, which was part of this iconic 1978. Thanks for this movie.


  1. Lo’s full nude (well, almost) dress

In 2000, the all-green palm print Versace and the songwriter who wore it stole it at the Grammy Awards. Since then, we have been fascinated by Lopez and wanted to know how effective she was wearing this dress.


Gisele Bundchen is a smoking hot slave

If you suspect that Gisele Bündchen is the sexiest woman, check out this photo from 2008. If you want everyone to focus on you, a dress similar to her shiny nude Versace number is a good choice.


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