Top 5 60-second Videos Made By Explain Ninja

Hello, today we want to tell you about explainer 60-second videos, as well as show off a bit and show you our top 5 60 second videos by Explain Ninja.

The 60-Second Enterprise Video Production Solution is ideal for SMBs that need to create an emotional video. The length of the commercial is ideal for use and advertising on the company’s website.

Our top 5 best 60-second explanatory videos

1. Medusa

Explainer video for Medusa – an open-source headless commerce platform allowing developers to construct extraordinary and personalized commerce experiences.

2. Wait while

Explainer video about Waitwhile, illustrating how waiting in line doesn’t have to stink.

3. Spearline

Spearline is a worldwide firm that assists corporate clients to diagnose, escalate and resolve problems with their phone lines.

4. Vishay

Video for ViTal – the worldwide program in Vishay, training emerging talent to become the beating heart of our future

5. Nexus

Video for Nexus – self-serve product that allows content producers to construct their own gaming store.


For each video solution offered (excluding social media video production), the creation of 1 corporate video, the duration and characteristics of which vary depending on the solution chosen, and 1 video no larger than 20″ to be published on the Facebook page are included.

The corporate video will be created and edited by our video makers. Once completed, we will send it to the client via WeTransfer and publish it in high resolution on the company’s YouTube profile for use at fairs, events, website, social media, etc…

YouTube channel creation is included in all of our enterprise video production solutions. YouTube publishing is required in order to share a video and publish it on your showcase website, directory website or e-commerce website.


Commonly used for promotional reasons, promotional video production and corporate video production are terrific tools to educate, educate and build awareness with your prospective consumers and/or your personnel.

We can produce institutional films, emotive videos, or industrial movies. Depending on how it will be utilized, we may develop several sorts of movies, such as event videos (introductory, accompanying or explanatory) (introductory, accompanying or explanatory).

In addition, in the case of significant occurrences, we may develop emotive or instructive movies to promote a new product. Institutional movies to explain the firm itself with the services supplied and are often shorter and more effective to generate social media posting videos.

The fourth category of business films are educational videos. The videos in question might be video tutorials or videos for classes. The first demonstrate, for example, the working of the machine. On the other hand, cool videos are typical videos of a person who teaches and explains, backed up by the development of visual information.


In the event that we discover that there is not enough shooting time to capture what is necessary, it will be able to estimate and add an extra half-day or full-day of filming and recording, based on requirements and wishes.


The cost of a corporate video is illustrative and may experience slight modifications that may not vary greatly from the advertised price. Price variations are subject to the specified parameters and any ongoing promotions of rival solutions.

P.S. If you have not yet found what you are looking for among the proposed solutions, request an individual consultation according to your needs.

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