Steps to have a healthy pregnancy after 35

There is no such thing as an easy pregnancy; the toll it takes on the body, the risks involved, the pain of childbirth, and other issues that can potentially happen.

Women’s eggs and fertility decrease with age and lifestyle decisions. Women who decide to have a baby after 35 can have a successful pregnancy, but unfortunately, the risks involved are much higher.

Therefore, women over 35 need to be extremely careful about planning a baby. Before trying to conceive, it is better that they consult their gynecologist to rule out maximum problems.

Things to do to have a healthy pregnancy

Despite the risks, you can still have a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few things to help you along:

Preconception appointment

While this is not part of pregnancy per se, it is vital that before deciding to have a baby, you should talk to your doctor. Discuss your risk factors. If you have been trying to have a baby for 6 months, but to no avail, you also then need to talk to a fertility expert.

Leave bad lifestyle habits

No matter why you started smoking, during pregnancy, you need to stop. This habit is not only dangerous for your health, but it also leads to problems with your baby.

Mothers who smoke have babies with low birth weight. Babies also have a greater risk of birth defects and are more likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Moreover, women who smoke are more likely to deliver a baby prematurely.

Similarly, you also need to give up alcohol, drugs, and similar substances that are harmful to health as well.


It is vital that you eat well during pregnancy. Women who are older already have a greater risk of having a baby with low birth weight. While this does not mean that you keep gorging on high-calorie food, you should take healthy and frequent meals.

Nutrients to focus on during pregnancy include folic acid, iron, vitamin D, calcium, etc. Consult your doctor if you think you might need supplements as your diet is falling short.


Being pregnant does not mean that you stay in bed all the time. To have a healthy pregnancy, you should exercise as well. It not only helps in destressing but exercises also boosts blood circulation.

Furthermore, being physically active also then increases energy levels. Some of the exercises can also help with childbirth. Those based on increased stamina and muscle strength are helpful for labor.

However, be safe; do not do the extremely strenuous one or high-intensity drills, but you can do prenatal yoga.

Manage your health conditions better

One of the reasons why pregnancy is harder for women over 35 is because of their health conditions. If you have problems like diabetes, hypertension, etc., you should work with your doctor before getting pregnant. During pregnancy as well, you need to continue to work on managing your condition better.

Discuss genetic screening

Due to the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, women who are older need to learn about genetic screenings and tests. One such test is cell-free DNA, which helps in determining the presence of genetic abnormalities that you can discuss with your doctor then.

Regular visits to the doctor

Women who are older have a higher risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension. Therefore, older women need to have more frequent visits to the doctor, who can then monitor their health accordingly.

Lose extra weight

While no one is asking you to be size 0, to have a healthy pregnancy, you need to first lose the extra weight. Make sustainable lifestyle changes like exercising and eating healthy in order to lose extra weight.

Women who also are overweight need to work carefully with the Best Gynecologist in Karachi with regards to incorrigible weight gain.

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