Top 5 Content Creation Tools for 2022!

Digital media is all about content. The entire online world is flooded with different forms of content such as info graphics, videos, images, pictographs, blogs, articles, reels, and whatnot. Creating unique content is an essential thing as it not just helps your business to stand out in the crowd but also gives credibility to your content. In the process of creating content, always make sure that you are making use of reliable sources so that your audience can easily rely upon you for the information you share. So for that you can choose a suitable SEO packages for taking care of the content related task.

Now, several tools are available online. You need to make sure that you make use of the correct and relevant content creation tools for 2022. It will help you create top-notch content. This will increase the speed of work and make you create good quality content. Keep reading to know about the top 5 content creation tools for 2022!

Top 5 Content Creation Tools for 2022

1. Google Trends

The tool, Google Trends is all about searching for the topic relevance of any keyword. For instance, you add up a keyword on Google Trends and the tools show you how popular this keyword is among the searchers or how often it is being researched. Hence, this is the most important tool as it helps you with how trendy a keyword is and you can then decide to make a relevant topic out of that.

The main motive of Google Trend is to make the searcher aware of what people are curious to know about. This also makes you understand how a topic has gained momentum from start to apex stage. This is reliable data and using this you can create quality content.


Sometimes you must be looking out for some ideas on which your blogs would revolve around and here comes the job of It can help you with the questions or topic titles by just entering a keyword. This would not just help you frame content around the topic which is highly searched but would help you build relevant content around topics commonly searched by people.

3. Grammarly

Content can never be error-free. No matter how much effort you make to build that “no-error” copy, silly mistakes always prevail. Well, to help you with the editing and plagiarism part, Grammarly is the best tool which is available. It checks the in-depth errors such as spelling mistakes, wrong or wordy sentences, bad formation, typo errors, punctuation errors, etc., and helps you correct that within the content copy itself. Also, Grammarly is a tool that helps you focus on the tone of the content which is helpful.

4. Unsplash

Blogs with images look good. Images in blogs not just help in better understanding to the readers but also help them engage with the blog deeply. But the question here is, do you need to click the photos on your own? Well, No! It’s not necessary. You can make use of the free tools which are available such as Unsplash. This tool has ample high-quality images stored in its library which can be used free of cost.

It is the best tool to get license-free images for your content and hence it ensures good engagement to the readers with your content.

5. Canva

Canva is the most admired tool available for designing. Today, almost all social media posts for businesses are being designed in Canva. It has iconic and quirky styles and at the same time is very relevant and relatable. It has both free and paid posts.

The main purpose of using canvas is to showcase your creativity to the end viewers. There are many types of post designs available in Canva for diverse purposes such as social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, banners, posters, etc. Most of the SEO companies in India use this tools.

Closing Words!

So now we have arrived at the end of this blog. The above-mentioned tools are a comprehensive list of many other tools which you can make use of to refine your existing content. These tools help you in whatever content you are willing to create. All these tools have their relevancy and at the same time will help you in planning, strategizing, and creating your  most effectively in 2022.

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