Top Denim Trends for Fall 2022

Top denim trends for fall 2022 are more than just skinny jeans. The season’s trendiest denim styles have many different types of washes. From distressed denim to layers of different washes, the options are endless. Whether you want to wear a pair of flare jeans or a pair of bootcut jeans, you’re sure to find the right style of jeans for women.


Flares in denim are a fall fashion must-have. They can be paired with many different outfits and look fantastic with a tee or button-down shirt. Flares also look great when layered, so don’t be afraid to wear more than one piece. For a sophisticated look, try a simple t-shirt under the flared jeans.

To complete your fall look, wear a pair of flared jeans with a sleek sweater or a cashmere sweater. You can also pair flares with a wide-brimmed fedora, oversized plaid scarf, fitted sweater, or tailored blazer. You can also throw on a cape or poncho for a chic and elegant fall outfit.

If you’re wearing a pair of flared jeans, be sure to choose a pair that fits well and doesn’t drag the ground. You can choose from a variety of brands and styles with flared jeans and can spend anywhere from $60 to $200. A great pair of flared jeans is worth the extra money, especially for a statement pair.

Bootcut Jeans

If you’re looking for a denim style that will stay fashionable through fall and winter, look no further than Bootcut Jeans. They come under the latest fall trends for women. These jeans are ultra-flattering, with a tight fit at the top and a flared out hem at the bottom. They’re a perfect choice for cooler fall weather, and they can look great with a heel, too.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to invest in a pair of bootcut jeans, consider what the fashion industry says. Bootcut Jeans and flared jeans are two of the most popular denim silhouettes for fall. If you’re looking to spend your money on a pair of denim, check the website of the brand to see if they have a policy regarding sustainable practices.

Slim Straight Leg Jeans

If you’re looking for a fall denim trend, Slim Straight Leg Jeans are a good place to start. This style is available in ankle length, full-length, and cropped styles. You can also get them with a sewn or raw hem to add texture to your outfit. However, shoes can be tricky with this type of denim, so it’s important to wear shoes that have a similar style and shape.

If you’re tall, you’ll also need to keep your thigh area in mind. If your jeans are too tight, they’ll pull at your knees when you bend or walk. Ideally, you should be able to pinch a half an inch of fabric on each side of your thigh, or more if you’re too short. If the fit isn’t right, try on another style or size, or even have a tailor slim your legs a bit.

Another jean trend that you can try is a pair of bootcut jeans. This style is very flattering, and can be styled in many ways. You can also go with a more minimal look with a pair of bootcut jeans or a pair of barrel leg jeans.

Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans

A relaxed fit means your jeans will fit looser in the seat and thigh area. These jeans may have a low, mid, or regular rise. Straight fit jeans, on the other hand, are the same diameter all the way down and don’t taper to smaller leg openings. They were the classic style of jeans for decades before the trend toward tapered leg jeans took off.

These jeans are incredibly comfortable. They’re not as snug as skinny jeans, and they fit well around the waist and hips without being overly baggy. However, they’re still not suitable for a more formal or business environment. They’re more for weekends or casual wear and don’t hug the leg like slim jeans.

Wide Leg & Trouser Jeans

A favorite of many trendsetting women, wide-leg jeans can transform from weekend wear to a more refined outfit. Whether you’re wearing a pair to go to a formal event or want to make a statement on the town, there are several styles to choose from this fall.

For a more classic look, try tucking a white blouse into your wide-leg jeans. You’ll look polished and classic. Wide-leg jeans will accentuate any top and look great with cropped or high-waisted blouses. The ivory color of denim is on trend this fall.

Wide-leg pants are versatile and flattering on most bodies. They can hide a muffin top or create an hourglass figure. However, wide-leg pants don’t flatter saddle bags or thicker thighs. If you have thin legs, they’re a good choice. However, if you have thick thighs, you may want to stay away from these pants.


Another denim trend for Fall 2022 is the resurgence of upcycled jeans. Not only are upcycled jeans sustainable, but they’re also stylish. Upcycled jeans have the potential to transform from old and unworn pairs of jeans to high-end fashions. Alternatively, if you’re more environmentally conscious, you can also turn your old jeans into new fashions.

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