Top Tips To Wear Contact Lenses

You can find a million people around the world wearing contact lenses to correct their vision, and some also wear them for fashion. Clear contact lens prescriptions can help you to get healthy eyes. Some people always panic about wearing them. Here you can get a lot of tips that help you to learn how to wear easily without getting any side effects.

1. Which Contact Lenses For Whom

Firstly, you need to understand the prescription of your lens if they are for vision correction or not. Contact lenses are also divided into two groups. First, soft contact  can be grouped according to their durability before they need to be replaced. This is known as a modality. Nowadays, you have four different modalities that can be prescribed. They are dailies that can be worn for only one day, two-week contact , monthlies, and six months.

Now coming to hard contact lenses are also divided into two groups. The hard contact can be personally fitted to the wearer’s eye, and if their material is good, then you can easily use them for 1-2 years, but for this, you need to remove them at night. The second, orthokeratology contact lenses are used at night means they need to be worn at night when you are sleeping and removed in the morning. When you wear them at night, they generally change the shape of your cornea, which allows you to dispense with any type of visual aid the next morning.

2. Cleanliness

For contact lenses, cleanliness is a top priority because the contact sit directly on your eyes. You should always clean or wash your clothes before putting on or removing them. You can not use tap water to rinse your contact because they are not sterile. You always need a saline solution to rinse your contact , and use a suitable cleaning solution to clean both and put them in your contact lens case. You need to replace your case every month. You need to keep the top of the solution bottle clean and germ-free at all times. Always ensure that it should not come into contact with either your fingers or the contact . Always remember that you should never use the cleansing agent after the expiry date. Make sure that you should store them hygienically in the storage solution in an appropriate case.

3. How Long You Should Need To Wear Contact Lenses

If you are using contact , then you need to give them a little break and give them some fresh air. Experts give you the advice to wear the lenses for only 8 hours only. But there is no rule. But the wearing time of the varies from person to person. Always check the that are oxygen permeable before buying them. Permanent contact lenses are also made for people who are allergic to contact lens solutions. Always get assurance from your optician before using this because you need to wear them continuously for 30 days, and also, at night, you have to wear them. If then also you are facing or suffering from inflammation or irritation, or pain, then just remove them and wear glasses.

4. Dry Eyes

If you are using contact lenses, then you are also suffering from one problem drying out your eyes or straining your eyes. Contact offer you additional freedom and independence. This can treat your dry-out. But sometimes the eye drops can not suit your eyes. Always make sure that you get all possible pieces of information, like how often you should use them and in what dosage.

5. Stay Relaxed

Many people are scared or worried that their might fall out or get stuck behind the eyes. You can be relaxed and free because they do not fall out unless you remove them or touch them with your fingers.

6. The Lens Inside Out

Always ensure that when you are applying them to your eyes, they should not be inside out. For this, you can use a small technique. You have to take the lens off your fingertips and keep it closer to your eyes. This forms a U shape with the rims out like a bowl, then it is inside out, and if it does not form any rim, then you can apply your lenses with no worries.

7. Where And Where Not To Wear

An essential step is where to wear these . Always remember that you should not use the lens while swimming or practicing any outdoor activities or especially in an environment that is dusty. Remember that you should never wear contact when you are going to bed or never sleep with them because this can affect you through bacterial growth and sometimes burning in the eyes.

8. Makeup With Lenses 

This is a very important point, and one needs to understand what eye makeup you do when you are wearing lenses. Always make sure that you wear the before you start your makeup. Never use makeup products that consist of scented oil. It can irritate your eyes. And if you are a person who changes eye makeup very frequently, then you should understand that the bacteria in the makeup can easily enter your eyes and can cause infection. Always ensure that you are using the product that is advised by your doctor. Clear contact lens prescriptions are necessary for healthy eyes. Always wear your for the time period that was prescribed by your doctors only.

Wrapping Up 

Nowadays, people are very busy and cannot give time to their eye health, so you can also get contact lens prescriptions online without any problems. This can help a lot of people. Here you can get a lot of tips and suggestions before wearing the . And if you are wearing the for the first time, then these tips are for you only.

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