All of the new Trader Joe’s locations that will open in 2022 are listed here.

All of the new Trader Joe’s locations that will open in 2022 are listed here.

Traveling to nearby trader joe’s near me stores is a family tradition. A journey to Trader Joe’s to buy a gift card or a contested cauliflower pizza crust can be a bonding event. Many people consider Trader Joe’s to be one of the best grocery stores, therefore they travel.

Trader joe’s near me is constantly expanding, with numerous new locations set to open in 2022. Trader Joe’s isn’t yet in every state, but it’s on its way there. We’ll enjoy Everything But the Bagel whenever we can until there’s a TJ’s on every corner.

Keep checking back for details on store openings in 2022. Trader Joe’s locations in your state can be found using the store finder until a new one opens.

Trader Joe’s will open new locations in 2022.

Santa Monica, California

In 2022, a third Trader Joe’s will open west of Los Angeles. Near the Santa Monica Pier, a new business has opened on Broadway.


The first TJ’s will open in this Minnesota suburb in 2022. Once this store opens, Minnesota will have ten trader joe’s near me.


In 2022, Bethesda will get a second Trader Joe’s. The original Bethesda location is in the heart of the city, but the new location is in the heart of the city.


Trader Joe’s may be found in both Miami Beach and Coral Gables. In 2022, a second TJ’s will open in midtown Miami, selling beer, wine, and other staples.


In 2022, inhabitants of Mentor, Ohio, will get their own Trader Joe’s. TJ’s has six locations in Ohio, one of which is in Woodmere.


Pennsylvania currently has eight Trader Joe’s locations, with a ninth set to open in 2022. The exact date of Camp Hill’s debut is unknown, but it is expected soon. When it opens, this location will join the Trader Joe’s Neighborhood Shares Program. Unsold, safe-to-eat food is donated entirely by stores. These items are given out seven days a week.

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