Twisted Hemp Wrap Sweet

Enjoy a relaxing stay-cation with this deliciously scented Twisted Hemp Wrap Sweet. A great choice for those looking for something different than conventional smokable wraps. When you smoke Twisted Hemp brand wraps, you may escape to your own paradise; each wrap is precisely flavored to provide you with the most pleasant smoking experience.

  • Smells very “sweet”!
  • Made from high-quality, all-natural hemp!
  • NO TOBACCO OR NICKEL! Every time, it’s an easy smoke!!!
  • Engineered to provide you with a gradual, even burn so you can appreciate every second.
  • Each package includes 15 resealable packets, each with four delectably flavored wraps!

Adding Flavor to Your Next Cigarette with sweet Hemp Wraps

Our high-quality Hemp Wraps are constructed entirely of natural hemp, which ensures their durability. Are you tired of the unpleasant taste of traditional rolling papers? Our slow-burning hemp wraps make rolling your next cigarette easy, while still providing an amazing flavor. There’s no tobacco or nicotine in this blend; instead, it’s made entirely of organic non-GMO hemp to allow you to roll your own. Each wrap is also included with a high-quality filter.

When your blunts taste the same every day, rolling your own blunts may get tedious. They’re also not always simple to roll, as you’ll see below. Our hemp wraps are ready for you to fill with anything you choose. You’ll never get tired of the taste since there are so many different varieties to select from.

Sweet Hemp Hemp Wraps are available in six delectable terpene-based taste varieties, including:


This hemp-based wrap taste is ideal for those who want to keep things as natural as possible. In case you’re a fan of our Hempettes, you’ll like this pleasant, familiar feeling.

Enjoy the delicious flavor of grape in this Hemp Wrap, which is made from hemp.

Island Twist:

This decadent Pina Colada-flavored wrap will transport you to a tropical paradise.

With the mellow flavor of mango, you may infuse your smoking experience with a tropical buzz!. For those who like citrus, this wrap is a tantalizing mix of lemon, lime, and other citrus flavors that may just become your new favorite.

What is the CBD content of Wild Hemp Hemp Wraps?

The fact that our Hemp Wraps are entirely devoid of CBD may come as a surprise to some people. They also don’t contain any THC, so you may smoke them without fear of getting high. These wraps are designed to be rolled in whatever manner you choose. Combine it with some CBD flower, whatever you want, and smoke it the way you want to! It is completely up to you to make your choice. We don’t use any nicotine or tobacco in the production of our wraps. It’s a true canvass in terms of design!

What Exactly Are These Wraps, and How Do They Work?

We’ve all been there: you’re in the mood for a blunt but don’t want to deal with the hassle of rolling your own. Making the decision to do it yourself may be very time-consuming, and it can be quite discouraging. It’s also inconvenient to discover that you’ve run out of rolling paper while out smoking.

Smoking a blunt shouldn’t be all that difficult to master. We at Wild Hemp aim to make the whole process as simple as possible. This was accomplished via the development of our very own Hemp Wraps but what exactly are they?

These wraps are just pre-rolled blunt wrappers that have been pre-rolled. Without a doubt, there is some more effort required on your part. For example, you must install the filter and then fill the container with your preferred filling. Nonetheless, with six delectable varieties to select from, you can be sure it will be well worth it.

Wraps made entirely of sweet hemp

When it comes to wraps, it’s best to keep things as natural as possible. After all, natural wraps provide a far more hygienic experience.

Everything about our wraps is manufactured with 100 percent hemp — it doesn’t get much better than that! This hemp is obtained from Colorado and Oregon, and it has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals in its cultivation.

They’re designed to provide you with a smooth, almost flawless smoking experience.

What is the best way to roll hemp wraps?

We’ve simplified the procedure, which will radically alter the way you roll the dice. The following is how to utilize our hemp wraps:

  1. Take your wrap out of its box and unroll it completely.
  2. Place the filter in the desired location and secure it in place.
  3. Stuff the Hemp Wrap with your CBD flower until it is completely full.
  4. Put it in a sealed container and ignite it.
  5. Hemp Wraps from Wild Hemp make it very easy to eat healthily.

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