Understanding The Odds Of Playing Online Blackjack

Anyone who has played at a casino before knows that gambling is about a lot more than just playing the game, you need strategy, and for many games part of the strategy is understanding how the odds of the game work. 

In some games such as poker, odds are all about the cards, but in blackjack you want to be considering the house edge. 

You might see that you could get odds of 3:2 in hitting a straight in blackjack, which would get you back your bet and then 50% of what your bet was, however, the chances of this happening are around 5% in odds. 

Odds in blackjack are important Online Blackjack know because they affect the game when you play online blackjack real money games! 

So, what are the odds when you play blackjack online?

How Do You Increase Your Blackjack Odds?

You should always be aware that the house edge will impact your likelihood to win. The house edge is simply the advantage of the house holds in a mathematical sense over the players. Basically, it is how the casino keeps going, they make money on the games. 

If you manage to control the house edge, then you can get the odds to tilt in your favor, which can increase the likelihood of you winning. Then, Online Blackjack best way for you to do this would be to pick out a casino that has a high RTP rate. 

What is an RTP rate? 

RTP means return to the player. If a game has a 98% RTP rate, in essence it means that on average for every $100 you play you would get back $98. 

When you find a game with a high RTP rate, and a version of blackjack that best benefits you in odds, you can increase your winning chances. 

Another way you can improve your chances of winning would be to choose a good strategy. Strategy can avoid your play being totally luck based and more on the mathematical side, with rationality backing it up. 

Odds Are The Key

Even in the most basic sense, odds will tell you how likely something is to occur. When you are gambling, odds can also tell you how much you can expect to pay out. Understanding the likelihood of an occurrence and the potential payout are important to playing blackjack. 

It is so important to be all caught Online Blackjack with the way the game functions in this way before you start playing blackjack.

What Is The House Advantage?

Understanding the house advantage is key for any casino game, but in blackjack it is closely watched even more. 

There are some games and plays with an exceptionally high house advantage such as betting on a draw in baccarat. However, blackjack is pretty low, but you can lower it even more with good strategy. 

The reason blackjack is so heavily considered with the house edge is thanks to its lower house edge, and how it can be manipulated. 

How Is The House Edge Decided?

The house edge is typically always measured in the form of a percentage. It is essentially the inverse of the player’s payback percentage. 

If a game were to yield a percentage of around 100% on points, you could be expected to break even if you played it over the long haul. This would make the house advantage about 0%. 

There are very few if any casino games that would Online Blackjack come with an RTP rate at 100%, if any at all. 

The RTP rate and the house edge are decided in tandem with one another. If the RTP rate is 98%, then the house edge would be 100 takeaway 98, which makes it 2. This means that the house edge is 2%. 

While that sounds small and insignificant, do note that the online blackjack average is quite low and the lower it is in general, the better it is for you. 

What Affects The House Edge In Online Blackjack?

The house edge in blackjack is not set; however, there are things that can affect it, and depending on the casino, and depending on you, the house edge can actually carry quite a bit. 

Here are some things that may be able to alter the house edge when you play online blackjack.

The deck used: Ideally you would only be wanting to play a game of blackjack with one deck. However, this is usually not how it goes. More often than not there will be more than one deck, and the more that are used, the worse it is for you. 

Payback: You really want the average payback of 3:2 at any time you are dealt a 2 carded 21. If you were to play in a game where it is 6:5 or less, then the edge will rise.

Soft 17”: If the dealer has to stand on soft 17 then this is ideal. This is a 17 with an Ace at 11, not 1. If the dealer can value the ace as 1 and hit, the edge will go up.

 Surrender: Being able to surrender after a bad hand is a good strategy. If you cannot surrender then it is working against you.


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