What are the Benefits of Video Games for Children?

A glorious time is being experienced by the video game industry. There has been considerable discussion of the effects of it on adolescents and especially children. Now, as with television, children and adolescents can benefit from Pokemon go accounts for sale and playing video games properly.

Video games have harmful effects if they are misused:

  • Having a gambling disorder can have serious effects on one’s life. In order to keep playing, the player resorts to lying, becomes obsessive and has lost control over the game.
  • Putting video games before other activities such as sports, reading or hanging out with friends is an aspect of individualism. There is a breakdown in social life false life 5e , which leads to isolation with dire repercussions.
  • The child loses sight of reality: In the most serious cases, excessive play of these games leads the child to abandon reality, thereby locking him in an alternate virtual world.
  • Depressive and anxious symptoms: playing the game causes the nervous system to become tired and fatigued, resulting in depression and anxiety symptoms. The academic performance of these students is significantly affected.
  • As a result of violent behavior: Children lose the ability to control themselves, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when they are deprived of the use of them, as well as violent and impulsive behavior.
  • Weight gain: excessive use of video games leads to the development of a sedentary lifestyle, which is harmful to the health of children and adolescents. As a result of these factors, and harmful foods consumed, obesity and overweight consequences appear.
  • Other health problems include: eyes that appear red and irritated, headaches, muscle aches, and tendonitis.

Questions Pertaining to Content

The gambling industry is particularly harmful to women (war, destruction, street violence, abuses), as well as sexist or racist games (women being viewed as resources or victims).

In addition, they can have a detrimental impact on the development of personality by introducing behavior patterns while the child is still training, aggressive behavior (xenophobia, machismo, etc…) and restrictions on creativity.

Problems Caused by Economic Costs

Parents and children are prone to become under consumerist pressure while playing video games. When an individual acquires a device with a high economic cost, there may be an implication of a disproportionate prize or present for the purpose for which the device was intended.

When a player masters a game, he or she then looks for another one to play, causing a cyclical rhythm that ultimately leaves the child dissatisfied. An adolescent or child facing these expenses may feel forced to commit even small crimes and robberies, which can lead to an increase in crime.

Playing video games has positive health effects:

  • The social reinforcement of behavior. Playing games together can strengthen social ties and encourage people to participate in common activities. This makes team video games another useful means of promoting friendly contact.
  • It takes effort. If you are trying to achieve the objective of the game, you will exert more effort, and should you lose, you will be able to deal with the disappointment. As well as improving decision-making ability, it makes one aware of the necessity of putting forth effort.
  • The ability to remember and to learn. Coordinating visual and manual skills as well as acquiring manual skills are essential. A variety of memory functions as well as color identification can be stimulated.

Recommended Actions

In order to understand video games, we must understand that they can be used for good or bad purposes depending on how they are used, as such F95zone.

As well there are some recommendations:

  • Use within the recommended time limits: Some authors suggest that practicing this activity for no more than three to four hours a week.
  • If used as a reward (when they finish a task, when they help at home, etc..), it provides an incentive to them.
  • Monitor the content: It is essential that the content matches the child’s age. In order to make sure they contain no dangerous substances, they should be released with them.
  • Family life is enhanced through video games: Children and teenagers play video games to soothe a sense of emptiness. Taking turns playing with them is another way to stimulate communication and contact with children, even if this takes some time.

Education is important to them, but other activities like art, sports, and reading will fill that role as well.

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