What Are The Rigid Boxes And Their Benefits

Rigid Boxes are made with sturdy layers of paperboard overlapped by printed, and embellished paper. The thickness of rigid packaging varies from 36 to 120 pt according to the desired packaging strength. These boxes are used to enclose, hold, store, and present an attractive appearance according to the worth of luxurious products. Get rigid packaging boxes to convey your brand messages across your customers while keeping your products secure, and unharmed. Custom rigid packaging boxes are a protective and eye-grabbing choice with versatility in designs and plentiful customization options. These boxes are available in variable sizes, many shapes, limitless finishing options, and a plethora of printing techniques and inks. All these attributes make your packaging astonishing and outstanding and are enough to stand out your brand products from the crowd. Add flawless printing and striking finishing to the packaging of high-end products to make them the first choice of customers.

You can add numerous add-on options to make your packaging unique and exemplary for other brands which is necessary to win customers’ confidence in split seconds.

Here, we will discuss how to make your packaging according to the market need to impress buyers with many attributes of these boxes.

Ensure Safe Transfer to Customers’ Doorstep With Rigid Boxes

As their name represents these boxes are famous providing 100% protection against jerks and bumps. To ensure durability for a long time, we make these boxes using double or triple layers of robust stock. This packaging ensures protection during harsh conditions and keeps the products fresh, flavored, and moisture-free. You can maintain their original quality by using high-barrier material of Rigid, Kraft, Corrugated, and numerous layers of cardboard.

These boxes can carry the maximum no of pieces possible in perfect condition to customers’ doorstep and will be the main cause of the spell-binding unboxing experience.

Eco-Friendly Rigid Boxes Gravitate Customers

Custom rigid boxes are reusable and recyclable after usage. These boxes are easily biodegradable without producing environmental pollution. Hence these packaging boxes are 100% eco-friendly which upscales your brand image in the people due to eco-conscious behavior. The positive image of your brand will spread in masses in a split second resulting in many sales in a short time.

Unique Shape, Dimension, And Styles

Custom rigid boxes provide versatility in shapes and dimensions. There are different shapes of boxes that allow countless customization to provide the perfect packaging. Rectangular, cuboidal, and hexagonal are the most common to give marvelous box designs.

You have to choose the exact length, width, and height of boxes according to your high-end product dimensions. A larger or smaller box can not offer a guarantee of protection, protection is always obtained by exact size according to the product dimension that holds items in their places. Get tailored rigid packaging with precise dimensions from a reputed packaging company, so that the edges of boxes do not swell out. Which loses the high-strength of boxes.

A lid and base make the boxes. You can get different styles by arranging the lid and base in various formats. Straight tuck boxes, reverse tuck boxes, auto-lock bottom boxes, two-piece boxes, and full telescope boxes. These boxes provide  

You can use a hinged-lid box that has a permanently attached lid with the box that can not open own itself. we add the lid with a magnet that keeps the lid closed without gum and glue.

Plentiful Add-on Options to Skyrocket Your Business

There are multiple add-on options to make your packaging trendy and catchy to get more eyeballs in the millions of the other same products in the shops. You can add compartments, ribbons, interior printing, and magnetic closure that provide a wow factor on the buyer’s lips during unforgettable unboxing.

if you add die-cut windows and cut-outs, it will provide a look at the fuller appearance of inside-placed items.

You can add striking finishing to the printed rigid boxes to provide a gleaming and twinkling appearance. You can use silver or gold to bold logos and special characters in embossing styles to provide a 3D appearance. If you want to add glamor, then gloss or matte coating is applied. These coatings protect the packaging surface from moisture and scratches.

There are countless add-on options to make your packaging more enchanting and fabulous to cause instantaneous buying.

Create Brand Identity With Innovative Printed Rigid Boxes

There is an era of competition among the brands with the same worth of products. Then how to distinguish your brand’s products from others in the market. The only way is to print your packaging according to the market needs with a text demonstration in typographic fonts and pictorial demonstrations. After selecting a specific color combination and design for your packaging printing is performed. Printing provides a complete appearance of boxes that give a discriminative identity to your boxes. A printed box is more attractive than a blank box. A blank packaging box without printing means a man without a tongue. The perfect packaging should speak with the customer at first sight. 

You can select catchy CMYK combinations or a rainbow color scheme to provide an appealing and pleasing appearance for onlookers. You can select offset printing or flexographic techniques to provide a vivid appearance that sets your brand apart from the dust of competition.


Custom Rigid Boxes not only provide adequate protection from harm but also are the main reason to attract target customers in a factor of seconds. You can order custom rigid packaging boxes wholesale at a Reasonable cost with free design assistance. To make your brand the apple of people’s eyes then get these boxes with fast shipping at zero cost. With this magnetic packaging, Your brand fame will skyrocket leaving others behind and no one will compete with you in any field.

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