What Products Do Earthwise Packaging Provide?

With many businesses looking for ways to be more sustainable, one area that shouldn’t be ignored is packaging. Plastic waste is already a massive problem all over the world and it’s only getting worse. Any business that is using a large amount of nonrenewable fossil fuel plastics should seriously consider making a change.

You may not realize it, but it’s easier than ever to find ways to switch to eco-friendly packaging alternatives. It can even help you attract a new demographic of customers. Earthwise remains one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable containers and jars and a great option for businesses of all sizes. Keep reading if you want to know what products you can purchase from Earthwise Packaging.

What packaging products does Earthwise offer?

Any business that wants to switch to high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging alternatives should look into working with Earthwise packaging. You might be wondering what the difference is between Earthwise Packaging and other packaging companies. Earthwise is a sustainable bioplastic organization that uses plant-based materials to make containers and jars for a number of products. Their packaging is near carbon neutral and offers a better alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

They offer a wide variety of packaging products that can be used in almost any industry. The markets they service include beauty and personal care, food, commercial, wellness, and hobbies like arts and crafts. They even make laboratory containers that can be used to store everything from medical devices to soil samples to pharmaceuticals. You can also search their shop by height or volume if you know the specific size and weight of the items that you need packaging for.

The California-based organization also produces all of its containers in house, which means you can trust that they’re made under strict quality control standards. They seek to contribute to a circular economy where the use of earth’s resources is minimized and waste, pollution, and carbon emissions are limited or eliminated. Earthwise proves that even within the packaging industry, there are opportunities to make greener choices.

Why should your business use eco-friendly packaging?

One of the primary reasons that any business should be concerned with eco-friendly packaging is that consumers are starting to value sustainability when choosing where to stop. Climate change is an issue that most people consider to be of the utmost importance, and they want to work with brands that share their values. Business owners are beginning to see the advantages of going green, which is why companies like Earthwise are so important. It’s one thing to talk about change, it’s another to take actions that will materially improve our current environmental practices.

Making eco-friendly choices can also help you find new partnerships and opportunities to grow your business. There is an ever-increasing number of businesses and brands that are committed to sustainability. You can connect with them and potentially find new vendors for products that are packaged in plant-based and recyclable plastics or create new promotional partnerships that can introduce your brand to a whole new audience.

The reality is that climate change will affect all of us and it’s essential that everyone be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. Sustainable packaging is just one step that businesses can take to be more eco-friendly and reduce emissions. Using environmentally friendly packaging alternatives isn’t just the right thing to do, it can also help improve your visibility and profitability. You’ll also be able to better connect with customers who support the mission of your company. There are few things more important for any business than developing customer loyalty and being a good member of the global community.

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