What Can We Expect from the Future of Online Gaming?

Technology has shifted massively over the last three decades, and it’s only going to continue improving. This means that people in the gaming world can look forward to even better technology, and more ways to play their favorite franchises. Already, graphics are pushing the boundaries with OLED and 4K gaming accessible seamlessly on the Xbox Series X – even computers can be built to take the weight of hardcore gaming (without burning out).

Use of 5G

The capability for 5G is already being rolled out; we’re just waiting on mainstream usage. When you compare 5G to 4G, you’re looking at 60x more internet speed potential. This will be a fantastic step in the right direction for mobile gamers and those that use mobile dongles to get in touch with the gaming community.

Boost in Mobile Gaming

People are starting to use their mobile phones to carry out almost every task, which is eliminating the necessity for traditional computers and consoles – even Google’s SERP algorithm now prioritizes mobile optimization. With more people having mobile phones, we will see an increase in the availability of mobile gaming. You can already browse countless USA real money online casinos, and choose a highly rated provider to play your favorite casino games.

More Virtual Reality

When the Ready Player One movie was released, powerful virtual reality (VR) felt like it was a distant dream. However, VR is being used right now to immerse players in the game. Recently, Sony released their PSVR2, which indicates that the technology is only going to continue to grow.

More Improved Graphics

There has been an enormous focus put on game graphics in recent years, especially since the commercial release of 4K and OLED TVs. Xbox and Sony are already utilizing next-gen graphics, with a host of incredible games scheduled for release in 2022. As we head into the future, we can only imagine how much graphics will evolve.

Cloud Gaming

If you’ve got a stable internet connection, cloud gaming servers will save you space on your hard drive by letting you “borrow” a remote storage device. In the same way that we stream films through Netflix, we can now stream games through services including Xbox Game Pass. Although this technology is great, having a strong broadband connection is essential, otherwise you will suffer from serious game lag.

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain technology has opened the door for more gaming platforms that are typically built around the use of cryptocurrency. One of the largest platforms for blockchain gaming is Ethereum, which hosts a range of decentralized apps. One of the great parts of blockchain gaming is that financial assets can be moved transparently, and there’s no need to share mountains of personal details – you can learn more about blockchain gaming here.

The future of gaming is exciting because there are so many great technologies in their infancy. Graphics are constantly being pushed to the limit, cloud servers are taking off, and 5G is boosting the power of mobile technology. Over the next decade, the gaming world will look completely different.

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