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What Does an Online Casino Marketer Do?

The online casino sector is one of the fastest-growing components of the entertainment industry, worth tens of billions of dollars a year worldwide. Tens of thousands of people are directly employed in the sector, which attracts a broad range of customers from every corner of the globe.

Key to the runaway success of the online casino sector over the past decade has been the innovative, outside-the-box marketing strategies employed by some of the largest platforms and companies. But what exactly is it that marketing departments at online casinos do, and why has this translated into rapid sales growth? Let’s dive in and find out.

Promotions Design

One of the main marketing tactics used by online casinos to great effect is promotions for players. These usually come in the form of freebies that encourage people to create a casino account and try out the services on offer. For example, the latest casino bonus from Paddy Power, a leading European e-casino, offers a €5 free bet on various online slots, every single week. This encourages people to not only create a Paddy Power account but also to stick around and come back for regular free bets, simply for being an active user of the site.

Game Promotion

For most online casino users, it’s all about the games. Slots are often the most popular products at any online casino, which is why leading platforms tend to have hundreds or even thousands of slots on their site. A lot of the player activity is concentrated in just a handful of immensely popular titles and slot game franchises, so it is up to the marketing team to let people know that their platform offers access to the most in-demand games in the business right now.


Much like virtually every other aspect of the entertainment industry, social media marketing plays a significant role in digital casino communications. Virtually all major casino platforms have an extensive social media presence, and it is the job of the marketing team to create content that engages their target audience and encourages meaningful engagement. Many casinos use social media to amplify promotions and attract new customers. It is also common for casinos to encourage users to share their social media posts in exchange for prizes.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry, but perhaps no one has made as extensive use of it as online casinos. Affiliate marketing is when the brand pays web publishers to write and publish content on their site that promotes the brand. Online casinos have been doing this for years, forming partnerships with bloggers, news sites, magazines, and everything in between as a means of building their online presence. There will usually be some logic behind the choice of an affiliate, with casinos usually choosing sites with an audience that overlaps with their own.

This is how the online casino industry is marketing itself in 2022. As sales and revenues from this industry continue to reach new heights in the year ahead, we’ll be watching to see if any other parts of the entertainment sector follow suit.

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