What Keeps Rolex Relevant Even After A Century?

As a luxury watch collector Rolex, you have a long list of reputed brands to choose your favorite masterpiece. Each brand has a character that makes it unique and special. It’s these exclusive properties that draw buyers to that brand.

While the rise of so many brands opens a plethora of opens, it also increases the ambiguity in making your decision. However, one brand that stands solid in the market despite gruesome competition is Rolex. Whether you are looking for a new or second-hand Rolex Watches at Trilogy Jewellers, this swiss brand never disappoints.

From design to material used in manufacturing, Rolex delivers nothing below excellence. There are several reasons, that people still find it not just relevant but also valuable after so many years.

Historic brand value

Rolex was founded in 1905 with a vision to craft and market one of the best more reliable and elegant timepieces. The vision is still held as the company releases fresh batches with the same character. This helps the company to keep its legacy in every piece that goes out from the unit.

People who wear Rolex are still able to relate to its legacy and feel like carrying a piece of history on their wrist. Its vintage value keeps it one of the most coveted brands even today.

Prolific watchmaking expertise

A lot of credit for its popularity in modern times goes to its research and development team. Through its extensive experience in making and understanding the best timepieces, the company combines the best traditional techniques with today’s technology. This makes Rolex stronger and still a distinguished brand.

Unmatched elegance and greatness

While keeping its tradition untempered, Rolex has also evolved with time. Apart from producing sophisticated luxury watches for formal events, it is also releasing sports watches. Rolex sports watches are the epitome of elegance and are full of functions. These are uniquely designed based on specific activity which makes them the most reliable in that category.

No compromise on quality

No company can stay at the top of its game for so long with only theories and processes. Rolex ensures that all the timepieces leaving the factory are made with the best quality material, most precious gems, and stones, and highly precise technique. Owing to its quality Rolex watches can withstand taxing lifestyle and activities, making it a loved brand in all diversities of people.

The Swiss connection

Switzerland is the heart and soul of the industry. Swiss watchmaking is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and detailing. Every brand that stems from the swiss legacy strives to maintain that standard and reputation. Rolex also lives up to its honor that comes from the swiss legacy and is one of the reasons for its ongoing popularity.

A loved heirloom and investment option

The quality of material and craftsmanship that goes in every Rolex is second to none. This fact makes every watch a durable masterpiece that lasts for more than a lifetime. For that reason, it is a proud asset that can be passed on as an heirloom. Many vintage Rolexes are still living and functioning after several decades.

The same fact is also the reason that the value of every Rolex goes up with time. Vintage Rolex watches have never lost their charm and sell at exceptional prices. This promise drives people to buy this watch with

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