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What to Know About Commercial Real Estate Valuation

It is important to know the market value of your commercial property or of any property that you have. This is especially true for an investor or for anyone who has a commercial property. If you do not know the real value of the property, you can end up selling it for much less than it actually is. Continue reading on to know more about commercial property valuation:

Importance of commercial property valuation

Property valuations are necessary for some reasons. When it comes to buyers, an accurate valuation lets them get a property that is at a reasonable market value. It will ensure that they will not overpay for any asset. Sellers employ valuations to price the properties they have. This is at a level where they are able to maximize their returns coming from the sale. They can also make sure that the property moves within a timely fashion.

Valuation is important when looking at financing also. Lenders along with banks only lend at the time that the particular property is sufficiently valuable to behave like collateral moreover be able to generate the required revenues so as to pay off the loan as well as give value to shareholders within the property.

It is necessary to know that there are some methods which investors, real estate professionals, along with finance professionals employ to carry out property valuations. The methods tend to often be situationally dependent based upon the person’s property characteristics, such as property type, location, use, etc.

Some real estate appraisal terms

The cap rate

This is a particular property’s net annual rental income, which is divided by the specific property’s current value. When it comes to cap rates, they are utilized to show the expected rate of return present for some given commercial property.

The cost per unit                                

This tends to be the cost of the property, which is divided by the property’s total amount of rental units.

The gross potential rent

This includes the amount of collectable rent that comes from some multi-tenant property. Here it is assumed that the rents are completely paid moreover the property is at its maximum occupancy. There will be no units that are left unrented.

The price per square foot

If you want to figure out the cost per square foot, it is necessary to take the price that the property is for and divide this by the total square footage.

What is the value of a property?

Basically, a property’s value can be said to be the present worth of potential future financial benefits precisely measured by the projected sum of every net income stream which may be present from owning the particular property. Real property assets usually offer value present over an extended period of time.

If you own a commercial property, you can get the help of a professional property valuer to value it. They will be able to give you an accurate figure of how much it is for and how much to expect from it.

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