What’s new in cricket in the summer of 2021?

Cricket is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. It features clear rules as well as sensational results that attract the attention of millions of viewers at the start of every major championship. For this reason, the news that former U-19 World Cup champion Unmukt Chand is retiring from the Indian national team has sparked a wave of debate. Many fans are debating the news that the Indian cricketer may move to the US national team, for which such a strengthening would be a serious claim for the championship.

Unmukt Chand announced his decision last Friday. Recall that it was he who played a decisive role in the victory of the Indian U-19 team at the 2012 World Cup. It is noteworthy that he managed to achieve this outstanding result at the age of 19. In-home cricket, Chand played for Delhi and Uttarakhand.

What does the future hold for the Indian national team and Unmukt Chand?

The media notes that Unmukt Chand has decided to end his career in India. This decision was made by him in connection with the desire to find a more effective use for his talents, for which he has already begun negotiations with other teams. The former captain of the national team published this information on his own Twitter channel. He prepared a rather lengthy message for his fans, in which he confirmed his intention to break with Indian cricket.

In particular, the message says that Unmukt Chand thought about further career development for a long time and could not find the right words to start the letter. He still has mixed emotions about the decision. Unmukt Chand continues to reflect on his decision. The thought that he will not be able to represent his country in his favorite sport makes his heart skip a beat, as Chand writes on Twitter.

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Chand notes that his only dream for a long time was playing for the national team of his country. His love for cricket was pure, and he was overjoyed that he was able to achieve some important results. At the same time, Unmukt feels the strength to develop further, so he decided for the need to search for new clubs where his abilities will be assessed accordingly.

What is worth knowing about the history of cricket?

This sport was born not so long ago. Initially, it was popular among the British, but later love of cricket appeared among the peoples who became part of the British Colonial Empire. Today the sport is most in demand in:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan.

The first international organization that established the rules for the championships was founded back in 1909. From that moment on, the sport was rapidly popularized, which led to the emergence of 106 national cricket federations at the moment. At the same time, cricket has not been part of the Olympic sports since 1900.

Modern cricket tournaments have many differences. They are held in different formats, so for a person who is not familiar with the sport more closely, its organization may seem rather confusing. Most tournaments today take place in a one-day match format. Level 1 cricket unites only 10 national teams. Some matches may take more than 24 hours. There are cases when meetings last 4-5 days, so there is a lot of room for different tactics, although, in terms of entertainment, such matches are seriously inferior to faster sports.

ODI tournaments have more precise rules. In them, the limit is the number of overs, which usually does not exceed 50. For this reason, the match ends within one day. T20 tournaments are limited in time, which made it possible to give them the necessary dynamics.

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