Vibrational healing frequencies: Do healing with frequencies work?

As humans, we are a living energy field because our bodies are made up of particles that produce energy. These particles are not static, they are always in motion.

So, we, like every other living organism in the universe; animals and plants alike, vibrate and create energy.

Also referred to as energy healing, vibrational healing entails the use of vibrational energies that are generated around the body to improve its wellness.

Aside from its healing properties, vibrational frequencies are also believed to be spiritual. Some people even believe that it is more of the latter than the former.

These frequencies usually come alive through the combined powers of electrical and magnetic energies which in turn ignite chemical reactions in the body.

Do Healing Frequencies Work?

Vibrations, like all other frequencies, are rhythmical. They can be likened to the heartbeat, the ticking seconds of a clock, the continuous rhythmical sounding of gongs or chants, and a swinging pendulum amongst others.

One feature that is present in all of these, is that the incidences are rhythmical and continuous in a pattern, per second.

The vibrations work in synch with the brain, making it relax and in the process, normalize the frequencies of the cells in the body that are not in tune- causing the ailment. This explains why some music uplifts your mood while others throw you into a not-so-good mood.

The proper frequency of sound lowers the frequency of negative feelings in your body and increases that which you need to attract abundance as the case may be.

Effects of Vibration Healings

With the proper healing frequencies, physical and mental healings take place by;

  • Lowering of stress level
  • Reduction of mood swings
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Reduction of cholesterol
  • Improving your sleep
  • Reduction in stress level
  • Overcoming depression
  • Handling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Effectively managing autism
  • Treatment of dementia

Healing with frequencies is not restricted to the conditions stated above. They have been proven to cure those and more.

How Do Healing Vibration Frequencies Heal?

It is a scientific fact that a strong connection exists between the body and the mind, and a lot of the things that the body reacts to, are a result of the messages sent from the brain.

So, what the healing frequencies do is alter your current mood, and interfere with whatever is going on at the moment. After doing this, it works with the brain that releases chemicals that the body needs to heal, and not continue with the negativity of the moment.

This process then improves the health of the body and mind. This is because experts have revealed that emotions and thought patterns affect the physical and mental alertness of an individual. So, what sound healing does is increase the frequency of positivities and reduce that of negativities.

What To Do To Assist The Effectiveness Of Vibrational Healing Frequencies?

As you submit yourself to vibrational healing frequencies, there are some things you need to do on your path. Some of these are;

  • Watch your breathing: Rhythmic deep breathing is believed to reduce stress and realign your vibrational energy from within. It can also settle your heart rate and influence the parts of your brain that make you more comfortable, and relaxed, and be able to control your emotions.

So, to make your vibrational healing journey an effective one, your breathing plays a vital role.

  • Meditate: The act of sitting comfortably or lying in a conducive environment, while your mind and body are focused on a particular repetitive sound (e.g., chants) or object is another way to make vibrational healing more effective.

Meditation has been used to treat physical and mental ailments for ages. Therefore, combining this ancient pain relief practice with vibrational healing frequencies promises nothing short of wholesome healing.

  • Diet: The effectiveness of healing frequencies is as good as what you eat and drink. Proper dieting is, therefore, necessary to maximize the effect of this therapeutic healing process.

Stay away from junk, drink lots of water, and be friends with fruits and vegetables. You will see how much better you get in such a little time.

  • Maintain healthy relationships. The nature of people you surround yourself with has a lot to do with your level of physical and mental health.

As a rule of vibrational healing frequency, any relationship that drains you of your peace is not worth it. Your mental health should be jealously guarded, which translates to your physical well-being.

Similarly, do your best to always be around those who make you happy, increase your peace, and are genuinely after your well-being.

Interestingly, the Qi coil is a device that has been specifically designed to help body and mental ailments through its several frequencies.

It is the first Neuro-Programming Magnetic Energy Emitter for mental and physical wellness, It covers up to 15ft Area of effect, and it has 300+ Neuro-programs to help you meditate, de-stress, focus, relax, sleep, and more. It is also trusted by doctors, researchers, and thousands of individuals globally.

Consciously doing all these effectively answers the question “Do healing frequencies work?” in the affirmative.

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