Where Can I Buy Canned Water

Canned water is quite a new thing that has stunned the water industry and market by storm; initially used in US civil defense exercises for the military, canned water was used for them in several size forms to harvest it for 10 years; it was then when canned water got the limelight.

After that, many companies experimented with flushing nitrogen to kill any remaining bacteria. That was a groundbreaking feat that propelled the life age of canned water well beyond the prior period to 3 decades plus.

Canned beverages were initially tried in use with much success in the earlier 200; then, a few canned water companies also tried to put forward canned water in the same period.

Producing cheap canned water is still a challenge. Significant water brands like Aquafina by PepsiCo, Nestle, or Coca-Cola, were still clinging to plastic bottled water instead because producing and disposing of the plastic was cheaper and faster than the headache of making aluminum cans and then recycling them.

Buying canned water or canned waters bottles was a challenge for people who cared for the environment and atmosphere; considering all this, we RAIN, put forward our aluminum-based rain canned waters into the market, being one of the probably first canned waters companies in the region.

Canned waters was the best alternative money could buy when you compared with plastic bottled water, and it was not only just as portable or probably more than your bottled water, but Aldi does not alter the PH value of your refreshing drink, whin bottled water, it turns out to become acidic taste.

As a canned water company, we do not just sell canned watersbut pure rainwater collected from the mountains of Atlanta; we wanted to reward our responsible consumers with something unique and nutritious.

Our aluminum based canned waters is the best thing for you, as in a few weeks, it is back on the stock after getting recycled, and this process can go till infinity as the aluminum does not lose its shape or composition changes, unlike plastic, aluminum is 4 times more recycled than plastic.

Our water is safe for your daily consumption and temperature-wise also calm or constant always to drink rather than hot boiling bottled water. It takes only 20 minutes to refrigerate the item rather than 2 hours.

Similarly, there are no microparticles in your rain canned water. There is no plastic in your water, making it toxic for your health by putting you at risk of cardiac arrest, diabetes, cancer, and whatnot.

Not only that, but your plastic bottled water accounts for most of the pollution worldwide, putting many people, the environment, and animals at risk, so much so that the Pacific Ocean is right now, as we speak, being infiltrated by the debris of plastic that has created a whole island of plastic rubbish that has been collected from decades of negligence.

This not does only pollute our oceans to the core but also makes seafood with plastic particles prevalent.

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