Where to Get Cannabis Storage Jar/Bottles in Canada?

If you grow weed to sell, business is probably booming, and you’re constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of your products. Cannabis requires strictly maintained conditions to stay fresh and retain its potency. Even the most minor gaps in the seal or exposure to harsh lighting can cause your weed to go stale, and you can have disappointed customers who leave bad reviews.

To ensure that your customers enjoy the best experience possible, you need to pick out the suitable strains to grow and the best jars to store them in. Your weed stash jars can be PET plastic, metal, or even glass. 

Since weed is a perishable good and is usually consumed in small quantities, the jar you pick out should be able to maintain its freshness for at least a few weeks. There should be some cannabis storage jars  to prevent degradation and exposure to the elements. If you’re wondering where to buy the best jars or bottles for cannabis storage in Canada, read on!

The Best Places to Buy Cannabis Storage Jars


If you’re looking for a cannabis packaging company that ensures maximum safety for your goods and keeps them fresh, look no further than Medlock. 

Medlock is dedicated to offering its customers high-quality cannabis storage options that are certified child-resistant. All of their packaging solutions are under Health Canada’s regulations, and they make great efforts to ensure compliance for protecting our youth.

The packaging specialists at Medlock believe in offering safe and readily available cannabis packaging. Their products are in regulation with the Cannabis Act of Canada and include an entire range of high-quality, FDA-approved packaging supplies in the Canna Lock range. 

Medlock aims to form a partnership with its clients by offering specialized packaging for cannabis products with different types of cannabis products. Whether you sell dry flowers, pre-rolled buds, topical cannabis capsules, or even beverages, Medlock has another packaging to fulfil your requirements. The packaging is made from top-quality materials that have been sourced from different global suppliers.  

The Joint 

The Joint focuses on offering storage accessories that will keep your cannabis flowers and extracts fresh and ensure that they are in an optimal state for use. The storage experts at The Joint realize that the proper storage solution is an essential part of the overall cannabis distribution process. 

Without it, even the most potent buds can become stale, lose their terpene and cannabinoid content, and become ineffective. 

That is why The Joint offers a large variety of cannabis storage jars that vary in size and the material used. Many of these products have additional elements that improve their functionality for optimal storage—the Joint stocks up storage accessories in different categories based on the particular features. You can get humidity-controlled jars, commercial food-grade plastic bags, storage pouches with locks, and silicone accessories with unique non-stick designs. 


CannMart is another reliable store to buy high functioning cannabis packaging g supplies in Canada. It stocks up a large variety of cannabis jars in different sizes, materials, and other features so you can pick out the right one for your use. 

The best-seller at CannMart is the CVault Stashbox that locks in terpenes through maximum humidity control. When your dry herbs are stored safely in these stash boxes, you can rest easy knowing that they will remain fresh and highly potent for months, if not longer.

Most stash boxes from different retailers allow some air to enter the jar, causing your buds to lose their potency gradually. But, the CVault Stashboxes do an excellent job of tackling this issue by offering a wholly enclosed pot that ensures that absolutely no air or light gets in. These fully-enclosed jars offer a humidity-controlled environment for your herbs. They also come with special Boveda packs for a final layer of preservation.

Here are some of the most notable features of the CVault:

  • 50-55 grams capacity.
  • Stackable design.
  • Industrial-strength latch.
  • Silicone seal to ensure optimal airtightness
  • It comes with a Boveda humidity pack


Cannador is a premium store that offers air-tight packaging for cannabis products. The Cannador brand itself focuses on providing functional designs for optimal humidity control of your homes. Therefore, the Cannador brand understands maintaining humidity at the proper levels for a well-balanced and comfortable environment. 

They showcase their expertise in humidity control in all of their products, including cannabis jars designed to retain maximum freshness and taste. Cannador offers a uniquely designed dehumidification box perfect for long-term and short-term weed storage.

They have numerous kinds of storage products for various uses, but the 2-strain Cannador with Drawer stands out. It can store your strains in separate compartments and keep your cannabis fresh for the maximum time.

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