Which NFL team will win the playoffs? A bookies’ view

The NFL regular season concluded in 2021 with the best teams progressing to the all-important playoff rounds. This is when things begin to get exciting for both players and fans as the pressure is ramped up a few notches. The successes and failings of the regular season is now a thing of the past. Teams must dust themselves down and focus on playoff football which began on the 15th January.

The wheels are in motion for a thrilling few weeks of football before the pack is reduced to the final two teams. This year’s season ending Super Bowl will be played at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood with 13th February a date for your diary. What two teams will be in California next month to contest that match? Football fans are already scrambling to make their predictions and place NFL playoffs bets. Which team is your money on?

Many bettors choose to trust the traders

A strong case could be made for many of the teams still in the Super Bowl running and the outright betting market shows a spread of bets across the different teams involved. The competitive nature of the NFL season explains why bettors are divided over which team will win the trophy and etch their name into the history books. Those looking for a hint or tip as to how the season may pan out can look at the Super Bowl betting.

The leading sportsbooks don’t always get it right, of course, and have famously picked the wrong team a few times over the years, resulting in an upset at big odds. That is just one of the reasons the NFL is so popular worldwide. It wouldn’t have half the interest it did if the games, playoffs and Super Bowl always followed the form. The NFL is nothing if not dramatic and unpredictable, making it the perfect sport to bet on.

They may not always be bang on the money, but traders working at leading online sportsbooks are right more often than they are wrong. They do the research needed and have the inside information required to make an educated and well-informed guess on the team that is most likely to win the Super Bowl. It’s then up to bettors how they respond to that. Do you follow the thinking of the bookies and bet on the favourite at short odds or do you go against them and take a chance on an outsider at a more attractive quote?

Packers the top pick

Throughout the duration of the regular season it was plain to see that bookmakers were at a loss to nail down a betting favourite. They were torn between two sides and with each team playing well, the bookies decided to change their usual tactic. They priced up two favourites and had them trading equally. This allowed bettors to make their decision, taking their pick, placing a bet and hoping they were on the best side. That was an interesting approach but things have changed since the season entered the playoffs.

The Green Bay Packers are now the team to be on and have been pinned to the top of the outright Super Bowl betting. That stance comes despite the Packers suffering a surprise defeat to Detroit Lions recently. The Packers were expected to win that match at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan but ended on the losing side of a 37-30 result. Green Bay started well enough, drawing the first quarter 7-7 but lost each of the next two by a four points margin.

Another team that has been popular in the Super Bowl betting since the start of the campaign has been the Buffalo Bills. They enjoyed better fortunes than the Packers when hammering the New York Jets by 27 points to 10 at Highmark Stadium. The Bills started that game well, ending the first quarter with a stunning 10-0 lead but lost the second 7-3 and the third 3-0. A strong finish was required and Buffalo fans got their wish when the players responded to win the fourth quarter 13-7.

Other teams in the running, according to the betting industry, are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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