Why is knee replacement a medical miracle?

Mobility of movement is the best feature of knees. But, at times the knees may be diagnosed with some issues (diseases/injury/damage/age-related issues). Out of all the medical conditions related to knees, various types of arthritis have been seen in common, resulting in unbearable pain and stressed movements. Knee replacement is the best possible cure for all such medical issues. Out of all the other forms, bilateral knee replacement is becoming popular nowadays. This type of surgery is exponentially gaining pace every day and the science of knee replacement has been termed to be a medical miracle.

What’s a bilateral knee replacement?

The replacement of both the knees in a single surgery is termed a double or bilateral knee/replacement. This is a good idea to get both the knees replaced at the same time and not only economically but also cut the recovery time shorter. This is mostly performed in the foreign Nations on patients who are suffering from knee problems due to the age factor.

Benefits of the procedure

The present advancement in medical sciences concerning anaesthesia, medications, metallurgy and other protocols has made knee replacement take the form of a medical miracle. The benefits of this type of knee replacement are associated with money and comfort. Talking about the pros or advantages of the same, it is felt that opting for a bilateral knee replacement is safe and lowers the recovery period. Also, the time spent at the hospital is reduced to half. The rehabilitation of both the knees through physiotherapy can be done at the same time thus cutting charges and time in half. Double knee replacement costs are reduced as compared to two surgeries.

Is this good and worth the value?

With a 90% success rate this medical miracle relieves the patients from unbearable pain and provides efficient mobility of movement. The final effect is for the long term.

Why prefer a bilateral knee replacement?

  • Patients suffering from terrible pain in the knees or the knee joints due to relative disease such as arthritis etc. can go to a doctor’s advice about the same. Docs can recommend trying various medicines and therapy options before suggesting the surgery. If the condition becomes worse then the doctor may recommend single or double knee replacement.
  • The basic reason in support of the procedure is that it is common, economical and safe as compared to single knee replacement.
  • Moreover, the need for replacement reduces the pain and enhances the quality of movement and on the whole the quality of life.
  • The short-term recovery as compared to a single knee replacement is the basic reason for the proven popularity of bilateral knee replacement.
  • The various factors on which the recovery speed of a patient depends are the age, overall wellness, following the instructions of the doctors as well as the health care team, care regarding medicines or any other health issues.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned features, knee replacement surgery adds on physical wellness benefits to the patient. As it is well known that an active body poses good health. With the help of knee replacement surgery, you can easily move to add mobility to your routine. This movement will help you to keep yourself fit by controlling the fats and obesity problems. When the absorption of fats is controlled, the cardiovascular system works magnificently. This in turn looks for the health conditions of every part of your body.
  • Last but not least the health insurance companies cover this type of surgery in their packages. This makes the cost reimbursement of the same affordable and convenient. This type of surgery gives a new definition to life at the stage when the patient has lost all his hope.

Double knee replacement not only cures the issues relating to age arthritis or any other related disease but also helps to fight arthrofibrosis which is also known as the knee stiff syndrome. As per the syndrome, the injured knee joint becomes stiff. As the scar tissue from the disease impacts the knee, range of movement finally results in a straightened knee. This can be cured by the respective surgery as per the recommendation of the expert doctor.

Mostly the patients range from 70 years to 80 years to attain the best mobility through the knee replacement process. But even the young people obtain the same and get a relieved life. This is the best solution to knee problems at an optimal age.

Information about the same

The procedure can be done in various forms including partial or single knee replacement or bilateral/double knee replacement. It is advised to take the help of an expert surgeon for the same as this also is categorised as a critical surety that involves blood transfusion.

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