Why It’s Time To Replace That Outdated Punch Clock With A Modern Time Card App

If you’re still using a standard punch clock for your business, then you’re missing out. There are several reasons why job clocks are a lot less efficient and why it’s time to replace your old punch clock system with a modern time card app. Here are some of the reasons why a punch clock is ineffective and outdated:

  • Costly to upkeep
  • Time-consuming
  • Inconvenient for employees
  • Requires employees to be physically present

If you’ve been considering switching to a team time tracking solution, then now’s the time to make the switch and upgrade to a modern time card app.

Easy to Use

One of the most significant benefits of switching to a time card app is that it is much easier for employees to use. It takes less time to clock in and out because the clock in location doesn’t have to be fixed to use apps accessed from the employee’s smartphone.

Time and attendance app vendors understand the importance of tracking time easily, so the app is generally less tricky to navigate than other systems because it takes the employee experience into account.

Less Oversight

Managing employees takes a lot of time and energy. Keeping track of employee attendance and hours worked with a physical punch clock is doable but highly inconvenient and inefficient.

Managers have to spend time pouring over each employee’s information to see if they are working their shift, how many hours they’ve worked, and who is scheduled when. In the end, managers spend a significant amount of time micromanaging employees rather than taking care of managerial duties or other productive tasks.

A timesheet management app makes it much easier to manage employees, see who’s working and when and manage scheduling and other issues without constantly micromanaging employees. All the information is available and easily accessible in the timekeeper app, and everything is tracked in real-time, so there’s no need to worry about accuracy.

Lower Costs

Managing employees with a punch clock system is costly in many ways. Keeping up the actual punch clocks is expensive; extra costs are associated with this type of time tracking. For instance, there are no ways to prevent time theft, so employees may be inclined to buddy punch, alter their timesheets, or work unnecessary overtime, drastically inflating the labor budget.

It also costs the business productivity and resources trying to manage employees and keep records. All of these things are important, but it can be challenging to keep track of them all and make the necessary adjustments without proper tools.

A time card app eliminates time theft by making each employee’s clock in unique, meaning no buddy punching. Productivity trackers can be added to the software so that managers can know whether employees are actually working when they log overtime or if they are wasting time doing personal errands or non-business-related work.

This allows managers to keep employees productive, making the business more money, and by better managing employee hours and productivity will lower labor costs, saving even more money.

Better Security

Keeping employee data secure is an obligation that all businesses share. Punch clocks have no security to speak of, meaning that anyone can access employee data if they choose to be malicious actors. A time card app has several different potential features to help protect employee and company data.

Biometrics ensure that employees are only tracking time for themselves. GPS technology allows you to track employee locations and make sure that they are only accessing permitted areas. And geofencing ensures that employees are only clocking in from a specific geographical area so that no one outside that radius can clock in or access the system.

Taking the leap and implementing new software is always a scary and overwhelming process. Still, you can rest assured knowing that replacing your outdated punch clock will be well worth the investment.

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