Why Waste The Sun?

The conversation about pollution is old and without ending. Mackay is considered a paradise around the world with its coral reefs, beautiful beaches and exotic animals, but little is talked about for its excessive coal usage. Solar in Mackay is no new invention, but the effectiveness of its utilization is largely ignored by the world. The sun is an endless resource that can be exploited without any side effects, it Sun is probably the only resource that can be used and without any fear of harm to the environment.

Pollution in Australia

About 5000 Australians Sun die from pollution every year and thousands of others suffer from health problems due to air pollution. Coal-fired power stations are the root cause of air pollution in Australia, they are the biggest contributors of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides in the country. Bushfires and such phenomena are also acutely related to the air quality and temperature of a place, bad air quality results in worse temperatures.

How do we make it better?

Decrease the usage Sun of coal-fired power stations. Yes, that is easier said than done because electricity is an essential resource for the country and frequent power outages are more damaging than helpful. Another way is to decrease the usage of vehicles to minimize carbon emissions, again, this is easier said than done because moving from place to place is another essential need. The only way to help significantly seems to be by utilising natural resources like harvesting wind energy through windmills and solar energy through solar panels. All of the bigger solutions cannot be put into practice by us the normal civilians, but what we can do is make ourselves self-reliant for electricity just for our houses.

How to make ourselves self-reliant in terms of electricity?

Using solar panels in our houses is how we can decrease our dependence on government-provided electricity. Solar panels are panels that are used to produce electricity from sunlight. By installing these on the roofs of our houses we can start to produce a sizable amount of electricity in our houses. Apart from avoiding pollution this also acts as a one-time investment which helps you avoid huge electricity bills.

How do solar panels work

Solar power is utilized using Solar Photovoltaic technology. This is the technology that converts sunlight or solar radiation into electricity with the use of semiconductors. Sunlight falls on the semiconductor contained inside the photovoltaic cell, this frees the charges inside the conductor and produces electric current for the bars to collect the free-flowing electrons which give us electric current. When we place Solar panels connected in a planned grid in open spaces, they start producing electricity in Direct current. This direct current needs to be converted to an Alternating current because the majority of the appliances used daily do not work on direct current. So for regular use, we connect electric supply from solar panels to an inverter that converts DC into AC.

Mackay and solar power

Mackay is an example city when it comes to green energy with so many of its companies and infrastructure running on solar in Mackay and lots of its residents also adapting to it in recent years, because of this popularity there are now many full service providing companies in the region. These companies take complete care of setting up solar panels and batteries and also help in the future maintenance of them.

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