Why Your Phone is the Ultimate Travelling Companion

The prospect of travel is always an exciting one, whether you’re going somewhere inland that won’t take too long to reach or whether you’re planning a long-form holiday from which you don’t plan on returning for quite some time. However, planning is the keyword, and you can get so wrapped up in trying to account for every single possible scenario that might cross your path that you forget a perfectly viable solution to many of your prospective problems is already something you’ll be taking – your smartphone.

That’s not to say it’s the only item you should pack, and it’s good to be prepared, but you might be surprised at just how many functions your phone is capable of that can serve you well while traveling.


For the inevitable moments of downtime that you find yourself confronted with throughout your trip, it makes sense that you’ll want something there to wash the boredom away, far from where it can make a negative impact on your trip. Fortunately, your phone is capable of providing you with exactly that, and in any number of forms for your choosing. While reading is always a popular holiday choice, you can substitute the packing space that would have been taken up with books for reading apps you can download. Additionally, if you want to watch something, streaming services like Netflix let you download some titles to watch on the go.

Alternatively, if you find yourself more into video games, your phone can provide you access to many of these through the app store or to casino games via a real money casino for Australians, which can provide the relief and engagement that you’re looking for.


When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, one of the most pressing fears that you might have could pertain to getting lost. Fortunately, your phone can help you out here as well, and thanks to the maps features that almost every phone will have access to, you can plan your route from before you depart and check back with it along the way in order to ensure you’re not going the wrong way. Of course, you might feel as though this approach discourages exploration, which could be one of the reasons that you decided to travel in the first place, but that doesn’t have to be the case. However, knowing that you have your digital map in your back pocket in case of emergencies can provide a cushion of comfort.


Services such as Google Translate are notorious for not providing a completely accurate translation, but that’s to be expected when dealing with the various intricacies of language. You shouldn’t expect such tools to substitute learning a language for yourself, but these tools and features can be incredibly useful when you find yourself stuck in a pinch – perhaps needing to understand something or convey a message to someone. Additionally, while they might not provide a perfect translation in some instances, certain evidence has suggested that the platform has improved in its accuracy, which might make you more inclined to use it.

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