With your first salary gift yourself a health insurance

After having worked hard for a month you might have got the well -deserved pay-check. It brings a sense of excitement, and the feeling is a great one irrespective of the amount. You may have some sleepless nights if you keep on hunting the right type of gift for yourself. Most of us would be thinking to spend on branded clothes or parties, but a suggestion is to have an eye on the future. The best gift you can give your near and dear ones is the best parents medical insurance policy. Now the question is whether purchasing a health insurance from your first salary is a wise choice or not.

Sense of calm

Due to the corona virus outbreak the economy is badly hit and there is no form of job stability these days. Senior health insurance combats any crises where you do not have to spend any money from your pocket and by keeping the money for future purposes it is going to provide a sense of calm.

An increase in the incidence of lifestyle diseases

The sedentary lifestyle that we part of causes a series of disease like heart ailments, kidney failure or cancer. Treating these diseases is a long term occurrence and would cost you lakhs of rupees. With the right type of medical insurance plan it is going to cover the treatment expenses and is going to provide you  complete health care.

Affordable premium

You might be in for a surprise that your younger age would reduce the amount of premium substantially. Since the premium is dependent upon age, more is your age, the higher premium amount you need to pay. Hence it is possible to calculate the health insurance premium and the plan has to be chosen accordingly.

Family protection

Family protection is the most important and there should be no compromise when it comes to your family members. So when you have an earning hand you can protect your family from the evils of  health. It is possible to cover your family members as part of your policy and without extra premium you can avail maximum benefits. The best part is that you may cover all the members as part of the policy.

Medical inflation sky rocketing

Due to the impact of the prevailing health crises or healthcare advancement the costs of healthcare is shooting. Treatments in the form of day care, medicines or diagnoses has gone on to become beyond the reach of many. Since you have started your job, private healthcare insurance is going to provide an adequate cover against any form of eventuality.

Future investment

Medical insurance enables to stay in peace by saving a lot of money. After settling in the job for a prolonged period of time you can think of further investments. To double your savings, you can go on to purchase mutual funds or a house. All these activities may end up doubling your savings.

A major chunk of mental disorders begins in the early stage of adulthood before you touch 40s. Turning 40 is a major event which may cause some form of an emotional turmoil. Parenting, martial conflicts or stress at the workplace. It may lead to irritation, exhaustion and lead to serious types of problems like hypertension or a panic attack. Care Health Insurance would be of considerable help in the period of 40s.

Just you need to set aside yourself sometime during the day to ensure that your body and mind is in the best of shape. A suggestion is to incorporate some type of physical activity in to your regime like walking or cycling. You need to plan out a healthy work sleep pattern and to enhance your mental health practice medication or yoga.

Yes we would expect nothing to happen on to your lives, but come 40 a lot of changes would take place in our life. Good health is a blessing in disguise but there are bound to be some changes that take place at this juncture. You are never going to be aware when life is going to surprise you. So it is better that you are prepared on whatever comes in your way.

It is going to be in a difficult situation if you leave your family in a financial bind. A suggestion is to opt for a health insurance plan when you touch 40. There are various health insurance policies catering to the 45+ segment which is going to provide the best form of insurance coverage to your family. It is going to provide you with the best form of coverage during these helping hands, so it makes sense to purchase one at the earliest. So compare and choose one as per your needs.

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