Working with a Lawyer for Academic Misconduct to Avoid Career Troubles

If you are facing disciplinary action with your college or university due to academic misconduct or other issues, you must prepare to defend yourself. You will want to prevent a sanction and mark on your transcript. A sanction can hinder your ability to finish your degree or enroll in advanced programs. If you are facing dismissal, your school will seize your tuition and refuse to provide you with the degree you have already paid for. Thus, you must not handle the allegation without the help of a lawyer for academic misconduct. An experienced attorney will help you avoid losing future opportunities and ensure you graduate on time without any notation on your record. 

Why Work with a Lawyer

If an academic misconduct allegation is threatening you with suspension, dismissal, or the type of grade that hinders your desired career, you must get legal advice before you appear at a disciplinary hearing. This kind of hearing may not work in your favor if you are not prepared with the right information and defense tactic. A great attorney will fight for your rights to fair treatment and work hard to make sure money you have invested into your education won’t be forfeited to your college without securing your degree. Your lawyer will make sure your school follows its policies, ensuring your good standing will be restored. 

When to Hire a Lawyer

The perfect time to work with a lawyer is right at the start of a disciplinary process. Do not think that you can just explain your side of the story to school officials and they will just take your words for it. You will want to do everything you can to change the mind of these officials and pay attention to your position. Often, schools want to finish their disciplinary processes as quickly as possible, and delaying a meeting with a lawyer can result in your losing the only chance you may have to vigorously defend yourself. 

In addition, if a decision has been made by your school’s administrators regarding the alleged academic misconduct, you should work with a lawyer to appeal the decision. It can be your only chance to overturn what has been decided against you. Your attorney should prove that the decision of your school violated its policies and rules. Often, student handbooks outline these policies. Also, your lawyer may prove that decision was arbitrary and capricious. No matter, what stage of the disciplinary process you are in, your attorney can give you the right representation and advice.  

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